Havells /Polycab/Finolex / Non Branded Wires and Cables Business Under Rs 50000 – Earning Rs 25000 per Month

Wires and Cables Business – In India ,with increasing prices of property and real estate , the construction cost and the raw materials is also increasing . While their is huge demand for fabricators and electricians in the real estate market , their is also huge demand of raw material like water fitting pipes and wire fittings and cables used in the construction and fabrication. With increase trend towards , false ceiling the demand for wires and electric cables and raw material is also increasing .

If you want to start wire and cable business in India and do not know that what types of Wires or cables business you can do in your village or nearby towns or cities within low investment of Rs 50000 then we shall discuss all about selling wires and cables and also earning from Wires and cables business in India .

Wires and Cables Business


Due to mix demand from small home constructions and big house real estate developers , their is continuous demand for the electric supplies . While developers consider for the branded wiring and electric equipments , some rural households and home developers consider non-branded material for constructing their homes.

Wires and cables business is a all season type business which runs on the available stock and pricing . While in this segment , customer looks for electric safety and brand quality of wirings and fittings.

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Investment in Wires and Cables Business

For starting a wiring or cables business , you can make an investment of as low as Rs 50000 while for high branded wires you can invest to as high as Rs 10 lakh in the stock of this material . From Finolex, Polycab or even Havells you can also invest in wires and cables franchise business also where your investment could be as high as Rs 50 lakh .

Where to get Wires and Cables for New Home Construction Orders at Cheap Price ?

For just starting the business in your area , you can go for buying the wires and cables from a wholesale market i.e like Delhi wholesale market for Wires and cables which is Lajpat Market in Delhi . While company offers bulk buying , you can invest low amount in your business by buying through such markets or the local distributor of the company for better profitability.

Profit in Wires and Cables Business

For a branded wire ,the prices are quoted by price list . For instance , finolex wires prices are quoted in their Finolex wire price list and is provided to the wholesaler or retailer at a certain discount on the list price . So , the profit on reselling branded wires is around 15 to 35% while for reselling non branded wires and lower popular brands the profit margins could be earned to as HIGH as 200% of the cost of the wires.

Branded Vs Non Branded Wires and Cables Business

For home construction people generally prefer for branded wires , while you can also maintain a small stock portion of non-branded wires for small cuts and fittings. For big projects , it is recommended that you look for branded wires and cables.

Some Popular brands in Wires and Cables Industry are :

  1. Polycab Wires
  2. Finolex Wires
  3. Havells Wires
  4. Plaza Wires and Cables

Risk in Wires and Cables Business

Risk in Wires and Cables business involves :

  1. Selling low branded wires causing problems to customers.
  2. Selling forged brands like copy of Finolex wires etc.

Competition in Wires and Cables Business

There is huge competition in the wiring business as it is one of the most demanded business in India where new construction is concerned wires and electric fittings are demanded by every home owner or developer of commercial and residential areas.

Wholesale Market in Delhi for Wires and Cables

The wholesale market for Wires and Cables in Delhi is located near old delhi railway station where it goes to Lajpat Market . Here , you can buy all branded and non-branded wire material for your business at highest discounts.

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Whether to start Wires and Cables Business in 2024 ?

It is one of the most demanded business in India and as the infrastructure improving , the demand for electric wires and branded wires is increasing day by day. So , it is a great chance to start Electric wires and cables business in India .


Wires and Cables business is a long term business and you can start this business within low investment of as low as Rs 50000. While if you are able to secure orders from private contractors and developers, then you will be able to develop more and more sales in your business. Also , reputation from the brand sales is also important in this business.


Can we make profits by selling non-branded wires and cables ?

Yes , non-branded wires and cables business is highly profitable and can be started at very low cost . Also , non-branded has the least competition in India .

What knowledge is required to sell Wires and Cables business ?

For Selling Wires and Cables , you should know all wires use case and volts and entire power supply system to explain it to customers.

Can we do Wires and Cables business in low investment below Rs 1 lakh ? 

Yes , Wires and cables business can be started in investment of as low as Rs 50000.

How to find customers for Wires and Cables Business ?

To find customers for Wires and Cables business you can use Facebook groups or can reach out to your nearest construction sites for orders.

Can I face loss in Wires and Cables Business ?

No, their is minimum loss chances in Wires and Cables business as prices of Wires usually go up only and do not go down .

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