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Earn Money by Selling Google Listing Reviews to Nearby Hotels and Firms !- Earning Target Rs 35000 per Month

Google Reviews Selling Service Online or Offline 2024 – It is easy to spread a business product or its service by word of mouth , but those days are gone when they are spreaded by word of mouth because such a practise hold very limited reach . With Google business listing option online , Google qualifies existence of different entities and also provides an option to the customer to enquire pricing of different products from different sellers without actually migrating to different locations .

In this article , we shall be discussing how you can earn money by reaching out hotels and different service consultation firms and by bringing them positive reviews to their business .You will also get to know how you can grow such business and what is the right way to get genuine reviews to business listing on Google other than using fake bots or websites .

Google Reviews Selling Online or Offline

google my business listing , googlemybusiness paid listing , paid listing service

Google Business listing is a way by which businesses list their services or products to present before their customers . It opened option to small retails , wholesalers and even commission agents to sell products without actually producing or holding stock.

Positive Google Reviews present a fair view of the entity by which more and more people reach out for getting its services or buy products. While it is an unfair practise for getting fake listings or reviews but you can actually reach out to customers to get their customers for the entity or for your own business. s

Reaching out to Hotels and Interior Designers for Orders

One of the most demanding customers of Google business listing and review business is the service segment where people like those in the hospitality industry or service sector providing some professional consultation , food catering or medical services require Good presence of their entity on internet.

In small rural or semi urban areas people tend to check shops nearby but the shop owners do not know how to list their business by themselves and make their business popular by any method through a mobile listing of business on Google.

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How to execute Google Reviews Orders from Customers Online ?

The easiest way to execute a Google review of business listing business is by following the below process :

  1. Reach out to good retail and wholesale shops and educate them about Google listing .
  2. Educate them about listing and the benefits of getting positive reviews.
  3. Educate them about the Difference between self reviews and actual customer reviews.
  4. Give them the Information to add on Google business listing reviews.

How much you can earn by Selling Google Business Listing Reviews ?

google my business listing , googlemybusiness paid listing , paid listing service

For business listing on Google Business listing you can charge Rs 500 for complete business listing and for getting positive reviews you can charge Rs 50 per Good google business listing review . This will in turn with just entering with 10 business listings you can easily make 5000 and for reviews for 10 reviews each of the listing you can make Rs 5000 , which basically means Rs 10000 at start with no investment .

How Google Business listing reviews improves the customer engagement ?

Google My Business is a great product and most of the entrepreneurs especially in the retail segment those with retail shops , hotels, interior designers etc. do not know about listing their business on Google.

Google My Business listing is a need for many but most of them do not know how to list their business and receive orders on their business with such listing . There is both positive and negative view of customer about the business such can be shared on the listing which further receives engagement and promotion from Google for the listing .

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Google Business listing review business is one of the most easiest business to start with no investment . You just need an email or just need to setup the listing of the business in mobile of the owners of the business. Also , you can keep the record by yourself  and manage the listing and reviews of the listing to bring more customer to the business owner.

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