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Earn Money with Selling Domains Online 2024

With increased demand for websites and domain names matching with company names , the availability and demand for domains is increasing day by day. It is a great opportunity for all those who want to earn money online with only limited investment and without requiring much education background or investment . It is a business of domain reselling where you can sell your domains online purchased from company.

Domain reselling is getting popular these days where you can also help your client setup his website or you can just buy the domain for reselling and can make profits online working from home . How does domain reselling works and how much money you can make in this business is all explained in this article.

What are Domains ?

Domains are the addresses of a website which are denoted by a pre-extension namely www or https://www and ends with a extension as .in, .org , .com , .biz or any word or term you like . You can buy domains online to setup your business website or you can also sell your own services online through your website .

The biggest example of a domain is where the website is used to sell goods and consumer electronics and multiple items online .

Where you can buy domains ?

Domains can be purchased online from multiple platforms , it depends on the pricing of the company offering the same domain . For instance , you can buy from , or multiple vendors online providing domains online.

Godaddy is one of the most popular platform to buy a domain and on this portal you can buy domains for a pricing to as low as Rs 200.

Selecting the Best Domains for Reselling

You should buy domains which represent some business , some upcoming startup or some trending keywords which are in demand . Once you buy the domain , you can reach out to different businesses to sell those domains to them at a higher prices. Also , there are some expired domains in the market where owners forget to renew them and loose them to open public.

In such situation , the buyer of the domain can charge a higher price for selling it back to its owner . Domains which are certain old are also in demand in perspective of blogging .

Pricing the domains for Reselling

It is important that you buy such domains which have a good keyword reach or good traffic prospects based on their traffic of keyword on search engines. You can start with reselling pricing with adding profit of Rs 100 for selling your first 50 domains where you can earn Rs 5000 just by buying and reselling the domains at the lowest profit.

Transfer of Domains to Clients after Reselling

Once you have dealt with your client for reselling the domain , you can transfer it to their account. This has been simplified through Godaddy domain transfer feature where once your domain is sold and you have received your payment from the client then you can process for the domain transfer request from Godaddy domain transfer and transfer the domain to the client . The process  goes through the following way :

  1. You raise the domain transfer request on Godaddy domain transfer.
  2. The buyer accept the request.
  3. The domain is transferred within 7 days.

Monthly Income from Selling Domains Online

On selling 100 domains a month starting from quality domains to the lowest price domains , you can easily sell domains and make a monthly income of Rs 25000 to Rs 50000 per month from clients . You can receive the payment for selling those domains easily using UPI payment gateway or direct bank transfers. .

There are no charges involved in transferring a domain on Godaddy from one account to another , so you can transfer the domain easily.

Where to find clients for Selling Domains Online ?

There is a risk of buying unusual domains which does not hold any search or are of no value which is that these domains expire within 1 year period and you need to market your domains online within 1 year to sell them to a client which does require hard-work.

To find clients for your domain you can use the following options :

  1. Facebook Groups Blogging and Earning Online
  2. Twitter Blogger communities
  3. Instagram business owners
  4. Advertise your domain using Facebook ads or Instagram ads to get quick leads.

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Is it better to start a domain reselling business ?

Domain reselling business is one of the most easiest business to do online , you can start by investing as low as Rs 5000 in this business and with the same you can make profits upto Rs 25000 selling domains to the needy people. Also , you can take up additional services like SEO Services , website creation services and even marketing services of such domain.

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