Start a Cake Premix Business and Earn Rs 25000 Per Month in India

Cake Premix Business Online and Offline – Making a Cake and Enjoy with family is a delight for every person and specially for home makers who love to cook at home or for the cloud kitchen owners who sell cakes from home with delicious recipes. With huge demand of cakes and pasteries in India , companies started created Cake premix for people so that they can instantly cook their cakes and sell them or have it for the special occassion .

Cake Premix is sold in packed packaging and is distributed all over the World. If you want to know more about the potential of Cake premix business and earning from Cake premix business in India then in this article we have discussed what is cake premix , What is cake premix business , how much you can make from Cake premix business and what is the total investment and profit margin in Cake premix business in India ?.

CAKE Premix Business


Cake premix is a mix of all ingredients with some special ingridients which helps to cook and bakes cakes easily without requiring any additional material . With cake premix customers can cook the cake instantly by adding just oil and water to the mix and putting it in microwave . It is available in all flavours and used in bakeries and at home by those who do not the proportion of mix to be made to cook or bake a cake.

Cake premix are packed in small and big packaging for home use and for reselling to known bakeries where it is sold at a good margin where demand is more. In India there are limited companies offering cake premixes and also are huge in demand like Bakerlite etc.

Branded vs Non Branded Cake Premix Business

In market , there are both branded and non branded cake premixes . Branded cake premixes are sold through amazon and the like e-shopping portals whereas non-branded are sold to factories and bakeries through the distribution channel .

Non branded cake premixes are stocked and sold to bakeries for creating cakes and other bakery stuff in bulk for some special occasions.

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Cake Premix Demand and Supply

Cake Premix is in huge demand in India where it is used in :

  1. Homes
  2. Bakeries
  3. Restaurants
  4. Hotels
  5. Special Occasions
  6. Companies
  7. Factories

Where considering supply for Cake premix is less because there are only few suppliers who produce and supply cake premixes to these institutions .

Investment in Cake Premix Business

Considering price of 1 kg premix of cake where a branded pack of cake premix for a customer will cost around Rs 150 to Rs 300 per Kg while for industries or bakeries it might cost upto Rs 60 to Rs 150 per kg where bulk production is done .

So to start a Cake premix business , it is necessary to cater needs of both individual demand and big business demand where the total investment will be around Rs 50000 to Rs 1.5 lakh .

Earning in Cake Premix Business


On a branded Cake Premix distribution the retail profits will go around 5 to 15% where a non-branded cake premix for retail can be sold at a profit of 30%. For industries regular supply can easily make earnings of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per month .

Top Brands offering Cake PREMIX in India

In India the following cake premixes are huge in demand :

  • Tops Cake Premix 
  • Weikfield Cake Premix 
  • BakersVeggie Cake Premix 
  • AB Mauri Cake Premix 
  • Pristine Cake Premix 
  • Dr Oetkar Cake Premix 
  • Cake Premix Shelf Life in India 

Whether Cake Premix Business is Profitable or not ?

Cake Premix selling business is an emerging business which is not yet competitive in India . While demand for cake premix is increasing in bakeries and industries and even in the retail demand . Also , due to less competition there is huge demand and high profits can be raised in this vertical of bakery business in India .

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Cake Premix is an untouched business which can be started in low investment of as low as Rs 50000 per month . Also earning in this business is high due to high profit margins due to non-branded increased sales. Also , you can target bakeries and popular sweet shops to resell your cake premix for higher sales.


Can you start Cake premix business in your village ?

Cake premix can be started anywhere in India and due to less knowledge about cake formation , it can be a highly profitable business in villages or small towns in India .

Does Cake Premix business requires to hold investment more than 1 lakh ?

No, you can start Cake premix business to as low as Rs 50000 per month . 

What are alternative products to a Cake Premix ?

For business purpose , you can sell ice cream premix , dhokla premix or smoothy premix also .

What knowledge is required to start a Cake Premix Business ?

For Cake premix , you should hold knowledge of using Cake premix and proportion of material used in Cake baking.

Who is the target customer in Cake Premix Business ?

Cake premix business works for all bakeries , retail customers and even for industries.

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