Finding a Company Job through Indiamart in your City – Trick for Finding Job Online

Finding Indiamart Jobs in India – There are lakhs of networks and platforms online to find work from home, part time jobs or full time jobs . But most of the job seekers look out for platforms like linkedin and Indeed for searching good jobs online . But there is a creative way of doing different things differently where you can start search for jobs near you by applying directly to the local companies in your area. While Indiamart is a B2B platform , you can also seek to start a new business to generate employment to earn without doing any job also.

In this article , we shall be discussing how you can find and apply for multiple jobs in your area at different profiles and how you can receive quick response to your application .

Business Ideas on Indiamart 

Indiamart is a b2b platform where you can find raw material or finished goods to resell or to start a new business . In this new age , people look out for suppliers , manufacturers and distributors in your area and seek for professional advice in finding the right raw material at the lowest cost or pricing .

Indiamart is  a hub for 10000+ ventures and companies which provide distinct services and products. Also , most of the Indiamart clients are corporates which sell most of their supplies through the platform.

Using for Searching Jobs 

Indiamart includes both rural , urban and localized manufacturers , retailers and wholesalers. On the platform , as per your area, you can seek numbers of all those suppliers and manufactures to ask for a job hiring presenting them your skills and experience .

You can receive contact details of most of the suppliers and can ask them for any individual help they required or if their is any vacancy available. Also , there is an option to list your services on the platform to showcase your skills or talent on the platform .

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Tips for Searching Jobs through Indiamart in 2023 

On Indiamart , you can search for jobs :

  1. By visiting different company and corporate profiles.
  2. By sending your work proposal or gig work proposals to different entities.
  3. By locating local entities and reaching them out for jobs .

Job Profiles to Search on Indiamart 

You can search for the following job profiles on Indiamart easily :

  1. Distributor commission agent
  2. Retail customer agent
  3. Service jobs or gigs like Accountant etc
  4. Interior Designing Jobs
  5. Mediatory salesperson
  6. Company sales or marketing agent.etc

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So , there are lot of opportunities to start with indiarmart where you can easily finding vendors who are actually running their business through the platform . If being lucky , you might be able to get a highly skilled and high paying job without applying to any big job seeking platform.

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