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Is Digital Marketing Course Still Worth Doing in 2024 ? – Free Digital Marketing Courses on Youtube

Digital Marketing Course 2024 – Earning through a course or through any qualification or academic study is when you practically apply knowledge from such course in your job or business . If you are a 12th Passout or a graduate and fascinated by Digital marketing course ads or becoming a digital marketer with high yeilding salaries in the field , then in this article we shall be discussing more about whether you should be doing a digital marketing course or not .

Digital marketing is a term which came to acknowledge since COVID happening where people on a large scale lost their jobs and even businesses closed with lost customers or due to lack of skilled people . With digital revolution coming in India and changing aspects of business with tech using Bard , ChatGPT or Gemini AI from Google , the demand for digital marketers is increasing for working on business in digital ways.

Digital Marketing Course Free or Paid ?

Digital marketing is a practise which comes with several objectives in terms of bringing more business and competing with other entities through acquiring more customers digitally . Whether it is related to bringing sales , business promotion or building presence of business online all comes with digital marketing .

Digital marketing course is available online in both terms paid and free while some choose to do such course paying in lakhs to companies like DSIM(Delhi School of Internet Marketing ) or online free platforms like YouTube for free marketing classes.

Both platforms are equally good and rewarding to learners.

Earnings of a Digital Marketing Intermediate or Experienced 

Digital Marketers in India earn from a basic salary of Rs 15000 per month to as high as Rs 1.5 lakh per month depending on the sales or achievement of objectives of the agency .

The main goal of the digital marketing business or agency is to develop recurring sales to the business owners or provide them a ranking online.

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Focus of Firms with Respect to Digital Marketing 

The main focus and expectations of firms and companies with respect to Digital marketing in India 2024 include :

  1. Building a customer base on Social media platforms .
  2. Getting leads from running ad campaigns and sales .
  3. Getting the business listed on top rankings on Google .
  4. Holding more and more orders from Google My Business listings.
  5. Engaging customers or getting more repetitive sales.

Jobs or Business in Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is a field which is vast either it can be practised by way of opening an agency and practising all services of DIGITAL Marketing like getting more and more leads , promoting business , developing web or social media presence of the company etc.

So , it is better to join a job as a digital marketer in any company after doing some certification course in Digital Marketing . While for doing business , you can add more and more marketers in your business to perform different activities.

Essential Skills to Learn in Digital Marketing 

The most essential skills to learn in Digital marketing :

  1. Developing a social media presence .
  2. Getting leads on Facebook and Google ads Manager.
  3. Usage of different tools of Google and customer acquisition tools like Amazon SES , Salesforce etc.

Top Youtube Channels to Learn Digital Marketing Professionally in 2024 

Some of the most popular YouTube channels to learn Digital Marketing online :

  1. WSCubeTech Digital Marketing Course 
  2. MarketingFundas Digital Marketing Course 
  3. Edureka Digital Marketing Course 

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Digital Marketing is a creative field to work in , if you are an introvert person or completely from finance background and opting for a new field to explore to earn money then you can start learning more about Digital marketing . Along with this you can also do course of DATA Analyst to even brighten your future in this field.

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