WWE WrestleMania results: Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled match against Kevin Owens 2022

WWE WrestleMania 38 closed with the KO Show segment with Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

There were massive boos and “Austin” chants when Owens grabbed the microphone. Owens started out by talking about the things he said about Austin and Texas. Owens said Texas would be the ass of North America. Owens then apologized to all Texans for telling the “absolute God’s honest truth about your pathetic state.”

KO said he would introduce his guest when he was ready. He proceeded to call Austin the worst role model in the history of WWE and he will look him in the eye to say how much he sucks because he won’t do a ‘damn thing’ and he’ll sit in the chair and take it. He also teased that he would pour bear on his “stupid bald head.”

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The glass broke and Austin made his way out to the stage. He wore his classic 3:16 shirt and jean shorts. Austin teased walking down to the ring but he walked out to get his 4 wheeler and he rode it around the ring. Austin destroyed the set as he went around to do his corner poses on the turnbuckle but KO cut the music off to say that he wouldn’t let Austin take over his show.

Austin and KO sat in their seats and the interview got started. Austin called out Owens for looking like a jackass and running down the great state of Texas “you stupid son of a bitch.” KO said Texas is hot in the summer and flat and uninspiring. He said the people of Texas wear dumb belt buckles and the people are dumb. KO said he would have moved to Mexico if he was forced to grow up in Texas.

KO told Austin not to be the stereotypical, crude, impolite Texan and he will be the bigger man. KO told Austin that he lied about wanting a talk. KO said he wants a fight. He challenged Austin to a match. He said Austin’s back, knees, and neck were bad 19 years ago and he won’t accept but he would love a No Holds Barred match right now. KO said Austin knows he can’t beat him. He said Austin should stop embarrassing himself and he can get on his little golf cart and back to his “stupid ranch.”

Austin looked around as the crowd cheered. Austin said he had his first match in Dallas, Texas and he could have his last match in Dallas, Texas. Austin asked for a “hell yea” if the fans wanted to see him against “this sack of shit.” Austin asked for a referee to get the match started. The bell rang and they stood face to face. They traded punches and Austin stomped the mudhole. Austin whipped KO into the turnbuckle and he fell on his back. Austin drank a beer and then stomped Owens in the other corner of the ring. Austin then tossed KO out of the ring. Austin reversed an Irish whip and hit KO with a clothesline. Austin dropped him on the barricade and then he raked the eyes as fans chanted “you still got it.” KO then sent Austin’s head into the ring post.

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KO pulled a table from under the ring, KO tried to send him into it but Austin reversed and KO’s back crashed through the table. Austin tossed KO into the crowd and they brawled. Austin attempted a suplex on the floor but KO countered and he suplexed Austin. The brawl continued and Owens kneed Austin in the stomach. They made their way back to ringside. KO tried a dive off the barricade but Austin caught him and slammed him through the announcer’s table. Austin drank some beer and then punched KO on top of the table. Austin drank some more beer and spit it on KO. KO tried to escape on the 4 wheeler but Austin caught him with punches to the back. Austin got on the 4 wheeler and drove to the stage so he and Owens could brawl there. Austin hit KO with a suplex on the stage. He brought him to the other side of the stage and did it again.

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Austin brought KO back into the ring and then he drank some more beer. KO hit the stunner and he went for the pin but Austin kicked out. Austin went to use a chair but it bounced off the rope and onto his head. Austin hit the stunner and pinned Owens. Owens was escorted out to the back by Dallas police as Austin celebrated with a lot of beer. Austin grabbed the mic and said it’s good to be from Dallas, Texas because that’s the bottom line, Cause Stone Cold Said So.

Austin invited Byron Saxton into the ring so they could drink and so he could give Saxton the stunner. Austin’s brother went in the ring to have a beer and to hug his brother. Austin did not embarrass himself at all.

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