A WWE WrestleMania match was pulled from the show for time – WWE Match Updates 2022

The New Day vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland was cut out of the show because they were running long and they wanted to be off the air by midnight. They weren’t going to risk tiring the crowd out and having to shave time off of the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens match so it was safer to pull the tag match.

No word on when the match will take place but there is definitely room on the Kickoff show that airs at 6 pm eastern.

Kofi Kingston gave this classy response about his match being cut: “To be in the business for an extended duration of time is to experience the highest of highs as well as lowest of lows. Yes, it hurts; but we take it and we use it to propel us forward.”

As you can see in the tweet below from Xavier Woods, the match was still on the books just after 11 pm.

Click here for complete WrestleMania results.

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