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Why so big craze about Super Bowl ? – Watch Super bowl in US 2022

Like said in India there is IPL – The Indian Premier league and on the other hand there are Olympics , National games and different games being perused in different countries in the same way in United States their is a big craze about the football leagues being played between many teams . Especially when they are telecasted on big screens and on Sundays , people in US love to keep their TV Sets aside and their busy schedule aside to just watch for their love in these football matches . Being the most popular in the United States , to Watch Super Bowl in US , you have to keep your scheduled well build to enjoy a bucket of popcorn with it .

In this post we shall be giving you an overview what is the Super bowl in US even is all about , What things make the Super bowl event so special , What people do to Watch Super Bowl matches in US and how being a US resident you can watch Super bowl in US . While it does not take too much time , but we request you to give your valuable time subscribing this blog to get all latest updates for different events in the World .

Super Bowl in US 2022

Being a NFL Sport league in US , Super bowl is considered as an unofficial holiday in US where people be on their TV sets especially in America with their friends and family and look out for the most viewed sports program eating the most quantity of food .  While people in America love to Watch Super Bowl series live in the stadiums , but due to their highest crowd events , it becomes impossible for everyone to be their and to express their love for the event . But people keep their work aside for this event and get attached to their TV sets . Super Bowl has been considered as the most viewed event in America where about 168 million reached the match held between Seatle Seahawks and England Patrons in 2015.

Analysis: Best TV moments from Super Bowl LVI - CNN

This event not only have the most number of viewers in US but also the biggest number of advertisement bidders , you would be amazed to know that in this event the advertisement placements on this event have cost around 4.5 million dollars which makes about 1.5 lakh dollars for a second for showing advertisements on this event , So you can imagine the love for this event .

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How to Watch Super Bowl in US Online 2022 ?


Every event or match or whether it is a commercial , all are displayed on the official network of NBC . To check out which event is live or which match is being scheduled for the day ,you can check the NBC Sports app or you can also go for the Peacock App.

Plaschke: Welcome back, Super Bowl. L.A. is where you belong - Los Angeles Times

Earlier , you might be able to Watch all the Super bowl series online on the CBS or Fox platforms , but as the new deal has been made between the NBC and CBS , that NBC will broadcast the event of Super Bowl Halftime along with the Olympics Event in 2022 .

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Streaming Super Bowl in US 2022 Online 


If you have the fastest network connected on your TV Sets , then you can Watch the Super Bowl series on any of the live streaming platforms online which you can access , or you can also contact your network operator to subscribe to the NBC for the same . While this way would help in watching the event on TV or tablets ,but if you want to watch it on your android or IPhone you can download the Yahoo Sports app also .

While for those living outside US , streaming super bowl on your smartphone would not be easy . For subscribing to this event , it would cost you much . So you can also use a paid VPN Application to access NBC or a Peacock application to check the event online from your country .

Super Bowl 2022: How to watch on BBC TV, where is the game being played and who is performing at half-time - BBC Sport

For Peacock users , if you want to watch super bowl match on mobile or a smartphone then , you can buy the basic premium package of the peacock application for live streaming of the event .

Other Options for Streaming Super Bowl in United States 2022 

Some of the good optiosn to view Super Bowl event in US or any other country can be :

  1. Youtube TV where you have to pay about 65 dollars a month to subscribe for NBC .
  2. Fubo Tv Application where within the same package , you can subscribe for NBC online .
  3. HULU Plus Tv , you can watch super bowl by subscribing NBC for 70 dollar.
  4. DirectTv carries the same plan as offered by HULU Plus TV .
  5. Sling TV Blue , not checking for the quality of streaming , the platforms offers subscription to NBC in about 35 dollar .

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Hope, you liked the post and got some information about Streaming Super bowl in US 2022. If you have any queries related to this post , then you can share your feedback comments down in the comment section .

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