Website Domain Transfer from One Company to Another - Namecheap , Hiox etc to Godaddy , , kindpost

Website Domain Transfer from One Company to Another – Namecheap , Hiox etc to Godaddy

At any point of time , you have to transfer your domain from one domain company to another . In India and Worldwide , Bigrock and Godaddy are considered as one of the popular domain service providers while other domain sellers are a part of the online register resellers which takes domain from Google domains and sell them to their customers at some commission making a specific payment to Google Domains . A domain name should be obtained from a reputed domain name providers as it becomes difficult for a website owner to manage a domain name with a seller which is private and have some distinct terms in terms of payment and management .

Godaddy and Bigrock are one of the popular domain name and hosting service providers which are working since 2012 . These domain name service providers are trusted as they can be accessed anytime anywhere and they also provide a 24/7 customer support for any kind of technical or non-technical service required. If you want to transfer your domain to Godaddy , then you must read the below article .

Website Domain Transfer Conditions and Importance

It become essential to transfer your domain from one domain provider to another due to its limitation in features and customer support . For instance , in HIOX India domain service , you get limited bandwidth for a domain for a year and also you have to pay a higher price for the next year renewal . Also , in cases of private domain name providers like Namecheap or other private players their is problem with the security of the domain which is exposed to threat if hosted on any non trusted provider of hosting .

For transferring your domain from one provider to another provider ,you need to obtain an authentication code from your existing domain service provider and have to pay to other domain service provider with the authentication code to transfer your domain. The authentication code is the key to transfer your domain to other provider.

Time Duration of Transfer of Domain from One Company to Another 

For transferring a domain , it takes around time of 8 to 9 days where if your domain will expired , then you must carefully execute the transfer domain process. Here are some situations that you must consider before transferring your domain online :

  1. Will be expired in next 5 days : If your domain will expire in next 5 days then you should not consider transferring as you have to pay domain service cost of both the current and the next domain service provider as it will take time of around 9 to 10 days to transfer.
  2. Will be expired next month : Yes , you can transfer your domain as it will be transferred within 9 to 10 days .
  3. Expired domain : If your domain is expired , it can be transffered to other service depending on the situation .
  4. Will be expired in 10 days : If the domain is to be expired within 10 days , then you can transfer your domain to other service provider.

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Domain Transfer Expiry and Wrong Authentication Code 

For domain transfer , you need to provide an authentication code which is a 2 factor code for transferring domain from one company to another . If you want to transfer your domain before expiry ,it is advisable that you enter your domain authentication code before 9 to 10 days of expiry .

For wrong authentication code , the process will be aborted after 10 days by the recipient domain service provider .For instance , if domain is to be transffered from NameCheap to Godaddy and you provide a wrong authentication code , then Godaddy after 10 days sends a confirmation to you that your transfer transaction failed due to wrong authentication code submission .

Domain Transfer Problems and Solutions 

For some domains , people do find problems in transferring like for expired domains , domain names which are restricted to register or are banned cannot be transferred to other domain service providers. In case , the domain is transferred it is also necessary that the transferring person should take care of the hosting files and links as it will have a great impact of linking and SEO of the website .

Some common problems faced while transferring a domain and their solutions include :

  1. Transferring domain from a locked service provider : If your domain protection is ON with a domain service provider, then you cannot transfer your domain to other . You need to switch off that protection .
  2. Entered wrong lock code :  If you enter wrong lock code or the auth code , then you cannot transfer your domain .
  3. Problems with Https/ SSL : Once you transferred the domain , you need to setup the SSL again .If it is with Cloudflare , then you should setup a new account .

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Importance of Domain Provider Creditability 

If you buy domain from a low trusted domain service provider , then you might be in a problem of cracking or loosing security of your domain as it can hamper your hosting files , SSL protection and even information of your readers or customers anytime .

If you buy a domain from a service provider like Godaddy , then you can renew your domain any time , enhance its security with SSL Support , Godaddy has faster bandwidth which increase the load time of the website and you get many great features with the transfer.


How much time it takes for transfer of domain from one company to another ?

It will take around 9 to 10 days to transfer a domain from one domain provider to another.

What will happen if I enter the wrong authentication code ?

The transfer process will abort ,and you have to start the process from scratch .

Current domain provider is giving the auth code what to do ?

You have no option than complaining to the domain registry online or requesting the domain service provider.

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