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Smart LeD Wholesale Market in India : Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi

For purchasing any electronic item , you get to online means always . It is not about criticising the way these e-commerce platforms like Amazon , flipkart work when they sell electronics . Because when you purchase online the electronic item which would have cost you 10000 will cost you around Rs 13000 and not including GST and stuff. Also , it is not possible for every person to buy any electronic item direct from the manufacturer where the above costing item would be availble at Rs 7000. Because manufacturers won’t deal with direct customers .

So, what is a good solution for this ?

Wholesalers , especially in the manufacturing states like Gujarat , Delhi , Faridabad , Gurgaon , Noida have tried to made an arrangement to sell their products direct procured from manufacturers through Wholesale market system . Like in Delhi , you can purchase nay mobile accessory direct from the wholesale mobile market in Karol bagh . This Wholesale market system is the most loved and popular system in country , because here both retailers and the customers are able to buy the goods at a price which not even their nearby suppliers could provide.

In this post , you shall be knowing more about buying electronics direct from the Delhi wholesale market – Lajpat Rai Market .


Delhi is a hub of manufacturers , wholesalers and wholesale markets . People their in Delhi work as per a proper system of selling goods through designated markets. Running from years ,their have been least chances that sellers in these markets have competited each other or some mis-happening has happened in these markets . This is all because these are well popular markets , where are suppliers and dealers have their own purchasers. People from whole over the country come here to buy goods of their like .

In Delhi , the Lajpat Rai Electronics market and the Nehru Palace Market is famous for selling all types of electronic items which ranges from :

  1. Electronic fitting for house and industries
  2. Home appliances
  3. Home lighting accessories
  4. CCTV , Lights etc
  5. Computers , Pc Laptops etc
  6. And much more .

Sellers in both these markets usually deal in bulk , but they also sell to customers at a price which is usually less than market price . The best thing about these markets is that you can also buy branded goods from these markets at a price which even an official outlet of the product could not provide.


Lajpat Rai Market – Delhi Electronics Market

In Delhi , Lajpat Rai market is well famous for buying Smart LED Tvs and LCDs . Here the sellers also include manufacturers, resellers , sellers , wholesellers , repair persons and official outlets of the Smart Tv Companies .

In the market when you enter you get to see many small shops selling CCTVs, electronic accesories , house applicanes , basic construction electronic tools, electric accesories like hairdryers , handblowers and lot of things. Later going more deep you will get to see a number of shops selling Smart Televisions of all sizes including 22′,32, 40′,42,64′,80′,120′ and so big sizes . You can even buy smart led which have just launched in India in that market .

While the market is not famous for selling branded TVs at a price which is lower than market price , but the market is famous for selling absolute similar copy of those televisions under the lowest price range. Talking about quality , televisions sold in this market is world class . You can even buy a 44 inch smart LED in this market for about 9000 only where in the local market you will get that deal in near about 32 to 40 thousand.

Some sellers even provide the same warranty period and door to door service which even a branded outlet provides .


How to go to Lajpat Rai Market ?

If you want to buy some electronic direct from the Lajpat Rai Market , then here are the route directions we have provided to reach for you .

Through Metro

Going through Metro you have to reach out a metro station which is very near to Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi or Old Delhi railway station . Then you have to take down a e-rickshaw towards The Lajpat Rai Market . The rickshaw will cost around 10 to 20 rupees only.

Through Railway

Going through railway , from your location you have to reach Old delhi railway station , and get to the Lajpat Rai Market . Lajpat Market is in front of the Old Delhi Railway Station.

Through Personal Vehicle

Going through a personal vehicle , you have to reach out to old delhi railway station ,where you can park your vehicle in the parking station available at Old delhi railway station ,by paying some charges then you can go to market by foot.


Purchasing Instructions

Purchasing from market like Lajpat Rai market is very risky because you might get to meet some person who might do a default to you in name of selling smart LEDs under a very low price range. You just have to follow these instructions while purchasing any electronics from this market :

  1. Ask for GST registration of the person from whom you are buying that television or the electronic .
  2. Never make payment in Cash in that market , you can use UPI payment , Paytm or any digital means to make payment . If someone does not accept digital payment then do not purchase from that supplier. There might be something suspicious.
  3. Always take GST Bill of any product you are purchasing for which you have paid more than 5000 because they might be checked in the route.
  4. Through Old delhi railway station , you take you LED purchased from the market to your home , there is minimal chances you get checked but it is always advisable to take a bill of any product you buy.
  5. Never trust warranties of small shopkeepers , because they might not even recognise you when you make payment to them only trust warranties given on the product by the outlet owners.

Hope you liked this post , If you have any queries related to purchasing from Lajpat Rai Market , you can contact us below or can place a feedback for us . We shall soon respond you back .

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