Setu PMJAY Gov IN , ayushman card , online ayushman card

Setu PMJAY Gov IN Ayushman Card Application Check Status Check Online

Setu PMJAY Gov in @NHA Ayushman Portal for Ayushman card creation online . Ayushman card is flagship program of Indian Government to provide medical and health care benefits to people so that they can receive medical treatment at the empanelled hospitals of Indian government at subsidised rates.

Setu PMJAY Gov IN is a portal delicately provided to apply for the Ayushman card in India . The entire eligbility for the Ayushman card and health care schemes are provided on Setu PMJAY Gov IN.

The Ayushman card is granted under the PMJAY Scheme – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana . The Yojana application status , application registration , download of Ayushaman card for medical treatment can be done on Setu PMJAY Gov IN online . How you can apply for Ayushman card online on Setu PMJAY Gov IN and check its status or contact for support is what all has been explained in this article .

Setu PMJAY Gov in Ayushman Card About 

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya yojana is health mission of the Indian government to provide medical healthcare facilities to the poor or needy section of the society by providing them a medical card . The medical card will be issued to each and every household or individual of the country considering his income and living status . The details of Adhaar card and the details provided during application of Ayushman card at Setu PMJAY Gov IN shall be considered to issue the health card to the individual .

PMJAY on Setu PMJAY Gov in with Ayushman card will be required to obtain a free life insurance of Rs 5 lakh , free treatment of each every individual from a government recognized hospital or any private hospital without taking into consideration any age .

Online Application of Ayushman Card on Setu PMJAY Gov IN

Setu PMJAY Gov IN , ayushman card , online ayushman card

On the Setu PMJAY Gov IN portal application of Ayushman card can be done online through registering with the Aadhaar details . Once the registration and KYC Verification on the portal is completed , one can download or can receive the Ayushman card by post on this registered address provided on the Aadhaar. To obtain your Ayushman card here is how you can register ;

  1. Go to the official PMJAY Portal on Setu PMJAY Gov IN
  2. Click on Register / Sign in
  3. Enter your State , City , District , Mobile and Email details .
  4. Confirm your mobile and email .
  5. Once submitted , confirm your Aadhaar KYC with registered mobile OTP .
  6. Confirm your registration and confirm for receipt of Ayushman card .

Once the verification on is completed , the Ayushaman card will be issued digitally on the login dashboard of the applicant .

Check status of Ayushman online on Setu PMJAY Gov IN 

There is an online process to check the status of Ayushman card generation status or to download your Ayushman card online . Ayushman card in the form of Digital or can be received in hard copy from the department . Ayushman card can be used in any hospital or any medical agency registered or private hospital partner with Setu PMJAY Gov IN . 

To check status of your Ayushman card online you can login to the Setu PMJAY Gov IN portal .

Download your Setu PMJAY Gov IN  Ayushman Card 

Setu PMJAY Gov IN , ayushman card , online ayushman card

To obtain a copy of your Ayushman card or your digital copy of Ayushman card , you can go onto the Setu PMJAY portal can login on the portal with the credentials . If the Ayushman card is applied through the department , then online registration is required to obtain a digital copy of Ayushman card online .

To download your Ayushman card or to check it active status of Ayushman card online , you can do so on Setu PMJAY portal . Go to the Setu Portal  and login to obtain your Ayushman card . You can also visit the nearest CSC Center to obtain your Ayushman card in card format .

KYC and Approval on Ayushman Online on Setu PMJAY Gov IN

Setu PMJAY Gov IN , ayushman card , online ayushman card 

With Ayushman card treatment can be received from any partner hospital or dispensary . But it is essential that before applying any treatment with the Ayushman card KYC need to be verified . KYC Verification with Aadhaar number and registered mobile number is required . For KYC Verification on Setu PMJAY Gov IN one can login to the portal and enter the registered mobile number . Login with OTP and click on KYC Verification .

Once the KYC is done , the Ayushman card can be downloaded from the online portal .

Setu PMJAY Gov in Assistance Video Tutorial 

Setu PMJAY Gov IN Ayushman Card Helpline Contact

In case of any query to be raised on SETU PMJAY or any issue related to Ayushman card or to check the list of impaneled hospitals ,one can contact on the following helpline options of Ayushman department :

  1. Toll-Free – 14555
  2. Email : webmaster-pmjay[at]nha[dot]gov[dot]in
  3. Address : 9th Floor, Tower-l, Jeevan Bharati Building,Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

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