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SBI Simply Click Credit Card Application , Eligibility, Benefits and Repayment [Updated] 2023

There are different credit card options provided by State bank of India for its customers and its non-customers , where credit card is offered at the lowest interest rate options and with the least formalities . Also , obtaining a credit card with SBI , also comes with features of availing multiple discount scheme benefits and lower interest rates . Through SBI , one can obtain credit card for shopping needs, lifestyle needs , reward or special purchases , for travel and business purposes. In the segment of EMI payments and usage worldwide , the SBI Simply Click credit card of SBI bank offers a number of additional benefits which are not-available to other credit card holder.

If you are seeking to apply for SBI Simply Click credit card , then in this article you will be able to know more about this credit card and it s benefits for different purposes.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card 

The SBI Simply Click credit card is more favourable in terms of shopping and receiving rewards from SBI for doing more and more shopping . While the bank offers a limit for payment on other credit cards , on the SBI Simply Click card is that you get to shop on any platform online or offline or on e-commerce , you just can go contact less and even on different stores by just touching . The credit card is offered on annual fee of Rs 499 /-  where it is to be renewed after the term of the card ends or expires.

10x rewards along with payment milestones are also added to the credit card to encourage spending but compared to other cards more offers are added for online payments . There is also an addon of Flexipay with the SBI Simplyclick credit card where a purchase of more than 2500 can be converted into an EMI with the card.

1. Receiving gift vouchers for Online shopping with e-commerce platforms like Amazon , Flipkart .
2. For receiving e-shopping rewards on all spends with the card.
3. For making payment on fuel centers .
4. For making contactless payments .
5. Separate or private payments can be made through this card.
6. Making international payments Worldwide.
7. For electricity bill payments .
8. For EMI transfers and shopping with EMI.

Application of Simply Click Credit Card for Free Online 

For those requiring SBI Simply Click Credit card online , a SBI Customer or non-customer can apply for the same following this process :
2. Click on Apply Now .
3. On the SBI Sprint Page , Click on Start Apply Journey .
4. Enter PAN , Aadhaar and rest details of the Bank Account .
5. Confirm for application .
Once the form is submitted , the SBI Simply Click Application team will contact you on your registered mobile number for application confirmation . Once the application is confirmed , the credit card after approval will be sent to the address of the applicant within 30 days. In case , you want to continue your pending application click on Retrieve application .

Limits and International Usage of SBI Simply Click Credit Card 

sbi simply click credit card , simply click simply save sbi credit card , kindpost in

The SBI Simply Click Credit Card comes with a limit of spending in a single day for Rs 12000 and for upto 80% credit limit . Where the limit shall be extended on discretion and usage of the applicant . With the credit card , one can also make international payments upto a specified limit and on particular stores. The card is easy to make payments on various stores abroad also.

Difference between SimplySave and Simply Click Credit Card 

Compared to Simply Save Credit card , upto 6000 rupees more annual savings can be done with Simply Click Credit card and an additional option on reversal of membership is also offered to applicant where if the credit card holder spends Rs 1 lakh for a year.
While the card offers a number of other discount and payment options , but compared to other credit card , Simply Click credit card is much more useful in terms of international payments where you can make more amount of payments internationally and on e-commerce transactions .
The amount due on the credit card will be provided as a balance of Minimum Amount Due on account of the card holder and an addition charge of 5 percent shall be charged on the outstanding amount . On the additional , charge certain fee as and interest shall also be charged from the card holder provided by the bank .
Annual Fee (one time) ₹499 + taxes
Renewal Fee (per annum) ₹499 + taxes from second year onwards
Add-on Fee (per annum) Nil
Finance Charges Up 3.50% per month (whichever is higher)
Minimum Amount Due 5% of Total Outstanding
Cash Advance Limit Up to 80% of credit limit, with a maximum of ₹12,000 per day
Free Credit Period Nil
Cheque Fee ₹100
Payment Dishonour Fee 2% of the payment amount, subject to a minimum of ₹500
Statement Retrieval Charges ₹100 per statement, which is two or more months old
Late Payment Charges NIL for Total Amount due from ₹0-₹500;

₹400 for Total Amount Due greater than ₹500 and up to ₹1,000;

₹750 for Total Amount Due greater than ₹1,000 and up to ₹10,000;

₹950 for Total Amount Due greater than ₹10,000

Card replacement ₹100 to ₹250
Emergency card replacement, when abroad Actual cost, with a minimum of $175
Foreign Currency Transaction Charges Conversion mark-up – 3.5%
Dynamic Currency Conversion Charges Mark-up Fee: 3.50%
For any queries related to the SBI Click Credit card application or for blocking the card , you can contact on the SBI Credit card customer care options :
1. SMS Options  – 5676791
2. Call Support :  1860 500 1290 / 18601801290 / 18001801290 .

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