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Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2023 (6 Months Portugal Visa Application, Agent or Self and IEFP Visa Application )

Portugal Job Seeker Visa | Jobs in Portugal | Salary in Portugal for Job Seeker | Portugal Job seeker requirements 2023 | Portugal Job Seeker Visa extension | Portugal Job seeker visa eligibility | Portugal Job seeker visa reject | Cost of Portugal Job seeker visa from India | Portugal job seeker visa update : In India people especially from states of Haryana and Punjab are moving onto foreign states in search of jobs and better career . Those who are looking for a better future in Portugal with a good salary offer or job offer in hand can apply for Portugal job seeker visa to live in Portugal. What is the cost of portugal job seeker visa , requirements for Portugal job seeker visa 2023 is what we have explained today in this article .

Portugal Job Seeker Visa for Candidates from Haryana and Punjab

In Haryana and Punjab , young people are looking for great work opportunities abroad . In search of jobs people are looking to move to Portugal where they are permitted with a work visa of 120 days with the minimum cost and compliances to obtain their work visa compared to UK , USA or Canada .

After the Australia work visa or other visa restrictions , Portugal job seeker visa from India is now open for all applicants which can be applied from India to seek jobs in Portugal . The application of work visa or job seeker visa from India holds certain qualifications and requirements from candidates.

To apply for portugal job seeker visa ,the applicant has to fulfil a certain criteria . It is a myth that their must be a job offer in hand to apply for portugal job seeker visa , rather you can apply for the visa even without a job offer for direct search for job in the country.

What is the Portugal Job Seeker Visa Official Website ?

There are several agencies and visa consultants in India with the help of which you can apply for a job seeker visa for portugal states. While the official website for application of visa is mne.gov.pt  .  The application for job seeker visa for portugal is accepted by the Ministry of foreign affairs ,Republic Portuguesa .

The Portugal Job Seeker visa will be permitted as a short stay visa for the applicant which can be for any period for 90 days to 120 days . After which based on the recruitment , job application or visa extension application , the visa of the candidate will be undertaken for consideration .

Documentation for Portugal Job Seeker Visa for Indian Candidates

For Indian candidates , their is limited documentation for application of job seeker visa from the republic of portugese for Portugal job seeker visa :

  1. Passport
  2. National Visa application form filled ,
  3. Evidence of residence ship of the existing country ( PAN Card , Voter Card or any Health Certificate )
  4. Report of the Immigration and Border Services (SEF) request for criminal record analysis.
  5. Certificate from the application country for clean records on Crime .
  6. Travel Insurance from a recognized medical insurance or travel insurance company.
  7. Travel document providing to and fro flight reservation .
  8. Educational Proofs
  9. Past Income Proofs in the residing countrys
  10. Residential Proofs .
  11. Evidences of Financial status and assets in the country .
  12. Job offer document (if holding any ).

What to do if Portugal Job Seeker Visa is rejected ?

The Portugal Job seeker visa on application from India can be rejected on any terms where the proofs of the applicant of visa are not satisfying , not holding any required financial status or the visa applicant wrongly submitted . In case, the application is rejected , you can resubmit the application with making the correction in the application .

In case, the previous visa was approved and it can rejected or can be expired based on its duration or if no success received in applying for jobs in the country within the period. The applicant can apply for the Portugal Job seeker visa again after lapse of 1 year from rejection of previous visa.

Filing the Portugal Job Seeker Visa Application Form 2023

To apply for the Portugal job seeker visa, it is advised to go through a reputed agency or institution like IEFP or VFSGlobal to apply for the portugal visa for job seeker from India . If you want to apply by self then you can follow the below video for filing the Portugal job seeker visa entirely by yourself :

Securing Job Offer for Portugal Job Seeker Visa Approval from India

There are quickways that you can find jobs for yourself in Portugal before application of work visa or job seeker visa from India for Portugal . Seeking and applying for jobs online , you can also receive your work offer or offer letter from the employer to enter to portugal as a working aspirant .

To find jobs as per your qualification , you make searches on :

  1. LinkedIn .
  2. Indeed
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Hays Hiring
  5. Jobs in Lisbon
  6. Google Jobs
  7. IEFP.pt
  8. Successfactors.eu
  9. Emrepgo.sapo.pt etc

You can do a job search on these platforms and can directly apply for jobs before applying for a job seeker visa . Holding a job offer before job seeker portugal visa provides you a plus advantage for the visa approval .

Obtaining Necessary Visa Approval Documents

For most applicants , it becomes difficult to apply for portugal jobs as they are not able to get to the right authorities to receive all their documents required for visa approval .

To apply for Portugal job seeker visa , you can receive all your documents and approval from :

  1. National visa application agency or VFS Global in India.
  2. Passport from Passport making authorities .
  3. Criminal record or No objection certificate from the Police or Crime Jurisdiction department of your area.
  4. Travel insurance from any travel agent.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa Requirements for Candidates

The checklist issued by the Portugal department for application of Job seeker visa for 120 days includes the following documents as mandatory requirement for job seeker visa of Portugal :

  1. Visa application form
  2. 2 Passport Size Photographs
  3. Travel document
  4. Proof of Regular situation (If holding citizenship or visa of other country also ).
  5. Travel insurance copy with original.
  6. Criminal record certificate
  7. Criminal record inquiry report from SEF
  8. Transport Document
  9. Proof of Financial resources
  10. Declaration for Work visit

Salary for Job Seekers in Portugal after Visa Approval 

The average salary of a worker or an employee in Portugal can be expected to be minimum 700 Euros which in India Rupees make Rs 1.7 lakh approx a month . Considering expenditures and expenses of living which shall include :

  1. Meal Cost :  30 Euro per day.
  2. Transportation : Taxi fair – 1 KM – 0.8 Euros.
  3. Monthly bills – 130 to 140 Euros.
  4. Clothing – 75 to 80 Euros a month .
  5. Rent per month –
    1. Outside city center – 600 Euros
    2. Inside city center – 800 Euros per month.

The above expenses are the lowest estimate which the actual expense depends on individual spending .

Benefits of Moving to Portugal after Visa Approval as a Job Seeker

Applying for a job for a resident of Punjab or Haryana could be easy for as it requires the minimum criteria for visa and job application . While there are also numerous work opportunities for candidates looking for job abroad .

By applying to Portugal job seeker visa , you stand a chance to visit to portugal and know the economic status of the country to apply for jobs and check if you can raise your standards of living to the best compared to visa cost investment for living in UK , USA or Australia .

Portugal is a great place with good work culture to search for jobs . You also get meals on work , work insurance perks , worker compensation insurance , public transport allowance , health and life insurance , flexible working hours , phone bills , travel insurance , gym membership and much more . But most of them for formal jobs . The informal jobs like driving , cleaning or staff work hold limited perks .

Can you apply for Portugal Job Seeker Visa by self or through agent ?

There is an open space for applicants to apply for their visa as a job seeker in Portugal from India by self . While it is always advised to apply through a visa consultant or a recognized visa application agency through which you have limited chance for rejection or multiple submissions or failures in application of visa .

There is no restriction on the candidate for self application of the visa .

What kind of Jobs you can search with Portugal Job Seeker Visa ?

To live and work in the Southern part of Europe i.e Portugal you can find decent online and offline work opportunities . It is better to do the search before the application of visa , while on visit you can find work there in Portugal like Tech Partner , Accountant Jobs , Manager , Assistant Manager , Store Keeper , Cleaning Jobs , Business Analyst , Nurse , Teaching or Developer or coding jobs .

What if you do not extend your Portugal Job Visa ?

If you do not extend or apply for extension in Job visa or job seeker visa , then you can reapply for a new visa only after lapse of the expiry of the previous year visa.

The new visa shall be granted on satisfying conditions provided for job search or criminal records of past visit history to portugal.

Cost of Portugal Visa Job Seeker from India

The entire fee payable on Submission of Job seeker visa for Portugal from India is 75 Euros which is Rs 6700 approx , while you have to pay in addition for other charges . This is the basic visa cost for application .

In case of renewal or extension of visa to other form , you can also apply for the following visa with making payment of their fees :

  1. Entry visa cost – 90 Euros.
  2. Skilled worker resident cost – 83 Euros
  3. Works residence permit cost – 72 Euros.

How to book appointment for Portugal Job Seeker Visa ?

You can book an appointment for approval of Portugal work visa or Portugal Job seeker visa through IEFP . Once you have gather all your documents , you can book an appointment by contacting on the following support contact points of IEFP – +351 215 803 470 OR +351 927 207 650 ( Weekdays from 9am to 7pm ).

Average Processing Time for a Portugal Job Seeker from Punjab

After completion and acceptance of the Portugal job seeker visa application , it will be undertaken for processing by the IEFP authorities for grant of visa . The processing time for Job seeker visa for portugal from India , usually takes 3 to 6 months . While if the documents and well provided in time , this duration shall be reduced .

Reputed agencies like IEFP for Portugal Job Seeker Visa Online

In case , you do not find any good help for applying for Job seeker visa in India for portugal , then you can take help for following consultancy agencies for visa approval in India :

  1. Perfect Visa Consultancy Delhi
  2. Continental immigration Consultants
  3. Easy Immigration Consultants , Delhi
  4. Global Vision Services
  5. StampmyVisa

Why Portugal Job Seeker Visa and not PR or Visit Visa ?

The Portugal Job seeker visa is one of the easiest option of entering states of portugal for jobs and good career opportunities . One can apply for work visa for 120 days under the Job seeker category from Haryana , Punjab or anywhere in the country .

Once , you complete a duration of five years in Portugal then you can apply for a Permanent Residence-ship of the country with have great work opportunities and earning options.

Can you apply for 6 months Portugal Visa for Job Seeker from India ?

This will be provided only on the extension application of the Job seeker visa , if the applicant receives a job offer of some company or from the recruiter. This can be used as a base to renew the portugal visa for more 6 months in Portugal .

Latest Portugal Visa for Job seeker Updates 2023

  • Entry of Job seekers from different countries will be permitted through Job seeker visa.
  • Their is no need for job offer or in hand letter for entry with Job seeker visa .
  • The visa can be reapplied after 1 year lapse of the previous visa application .
  • Visa extension can be done with registering to IEFP or IP.

Portugal Living Expenses and Life as Job Seeker Video Help


How much does it cost for Job seeker visa from India to portugal ?

Total cost of visa application is around 72 to 80 Euros i.e 8000 in India rupees.

What is the total expense of moving to Portugal from India ?

Total expense of moving from India would around Rs 2 to Rs 5 lakh .

Do I require bank balance or assets in India to move to Portugal ?

Yes , some amount of bank balance is required to be provided in the report to Portugal visa authorities.

What minimum amount of bank balance you require to move to Portugal with Job search visa ?

You require a minimum funds of Rs 10 lakh to survive first 6 months in Portugal.

Job seeker visa or work visa in Portugal is their any difference ?

No , their is no difference betweek work visa in Portugal or Job seeker visa.

What is the processing time for work visa in Portugal ?

It would take around 3 to 6 months for visa approval .

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