Muhurat Trading History Data Chart and Dhanteras Trading Stocks on Muhurat Trading Diwali 2023

Muhurat Trading on Diwali 2023 – Every year in the stock market investors and traders receive a special opportunity to invest in stock market for long term or to receive an appreciation on their stocks and exit their existing positions on the occasion of Diwali . On Diwali, special timings for stock trading called as Muhurat trading is done in stock market .

If you want to know how you can participate in the stock market muhurat trading diwali 2023 , then you must read this article carefully.

What is Muhurat Trading on Dhanteras in 2023 ?

Muhurat trading is a symbol of spirituality from Stock market where investors on the auspicious occassion of Diwali opens the trading session for investors and traders to enter or exit new positions or their existing positions in different stocks .

Different stock traders on the Muhurat trading provides advisory on long term investing in different stocks providing a sign of green earning approach every year on Muhurat trading .

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What is the Significance of Muhurat Trading in India ?

Muhurat trading is a session opened by the SEBI every year for stock market traders and investors where special trading session in the stock market is open for 1 hour for investors to enter into new positions on different company stocks and exit their loss making positions to earn or save their profits .

With the help of their Demat Account, investors can look for a long term view of the stocks for investing and can invest some amount of their savings in the stock market for long term just like they invest in GOLD , Silver or property .

History of Muhurat Trading of Last Few Years

Opening sessions of Muhurat trading every year is a trend from several years of SEBI , while in the last few years Muhurat trading got such response from the investors and traders in the market . While considering view of last 10 years in the market , out of 10 muhurat trading sessions in the last 10 years 7 were on the positive view and were on the bullish run.

While 3 years right from 2017 , got not good response in the market and also led to small losses towards a bearish trend in market.

What is the time for Muhurat Trading Timing on Diwali in India ?

The timing for Muhurat trading in 2023 Diwali will considered on 12th November , 2023 where the trading preopen will start on 6:15 and trading will take place from timing between 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM . The muhurat trading will take place for an hour for investors to enter or exit their existing positions.

Investing in Diwali Special Stock Market Trading Time 

In Muhurat trading on Diwali season , the stock market trading  or investing is done in a usual manner. While no special features for trading or broking is provided. There might be a possibility that for trading in the Demat broking house might provide some discount or no fee charge on taking the orders.

Difference in Stock Market Normal Timings and Muhurat Trading 

In normal trading hours, day trading in stock market takes place in usual timings of morning 9 am to 3:00 pm. While on the Muhurat trading , the trading timing for investors and traders is opened for both for a special timing of 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Also , on the occassion of diwali several new traders or investors enter in the market for trading which further brings more action in the stock market on muhurat trading diwali 2023.

Top 5 Stocks to Trade in Muhurat Trading in India in NSE 

The most trending stocks that you can be trading for long term this muhurat trading based on the market view can include :

  1. Jubilant foods
  2. ITC
  3. Plaza Wires
  4. JIO Financial Services
  5. Ambuja Cement

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Muhurat trading is one of the best opportunity to enter into the stock market with investing a savings amount into stocks for long term . Investing in Muhurat trading can be done for a term of 1 year or for as long as 5 years which will provide a definite return massively increasing compared to a normal fixed deposit. Also , you can try investing in Mutual funds for a SIP base or one time investing in the Mutual fund plan.


What is required to participate in Muhurat Trading ?

It is necessary to hold a Demat account and some funds in Demat account for investing in Muhurat trading diwali 2023.

How to invest in Stock Market Diwali trading timing ?

You can invest in the Muhurat trading session during the 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm trading hours in stock market .

How much money is required to trade in Muhurat Trading ?

You can start by investing as small as Rs 10000 in stocks in Muhurat trading for better returns.

Can you loose money in Muhurat Trading ?

There might be situations where investors might exit their loss making positions in this Muhurat trading session, you in a particular stock there could be chances of making a loss.

What is the timing for Muhurat Trading in India ?

The timing for participating in the muhurat trading session in stock market is 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm on 12th November , 2023.

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