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Making 10$ Profit on Sale Everyday on – Buy and Sell Digital Pets Online

There are multiple virtual gaming platforms like Roblox which sponsors multiple virtual games which are simple in approach but holds an idea of daily life tasks . Adopt me is one of the popular game played on Roblox which includes adopting , parenting and buy/ sell of virtual pets which do not exist in real life and so is the case of a new virtual asset selling platform – Starpets . recently became popular Worldwide for people to do virtual trading of pets which are just only cartoon creatures or even digital pets . The platform has much to do with even helping people making money on their investment.

Starpets has recently been started where it is ranked one of the top websites for buying and selling of virtual pets . The platform is visited by almost 4.5 million users Worldwide for just buying and selling of these pets. What is the idea behind and how you can make money through this platform is what we have tried to explain in this article .

What is is a common competitor to websites like Adopt me , or which functions in buying and selling of digital NFTs through their respective blockchain systems. These platforms facilitate buying and selling of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens ) which are generally high on demand and sometimes sold on a higher price which can’t even be imagined . The only difference in compared to other platforms is that it only supports selling virtual animal assets online and cashing them on the platform if the buyers get a good deal .

Once you acquire a Starpet , you can sell it later or on the same day making a profit on your investment . The platform provides rarely created or sold NFTs which are most in demand . Startpets , yet does not include any breeding feature but soon it might get associated with multiple gaming platforms and a breeding system where with the number of pets you hold be able to create a breed of their own through digital mating .

Investing on Starpets could be risky as NFTs trading are always on a higher risk .But it is a good platform for legibly making good money online . Legit Platform or Not for Earning Online 

As said , Starpets is a legit platform to make money online as it has been positively reviewed by many on Trustpilot and multiple review platforms . Starpets allow digital collectibles to be bought and sold in the form NFTs. Holding for digital assets for too long on this platform could be risky or trading in higher volume with high investment in assets could also risk the investment .

The sellers and buyers on the platform are in direct trade with the platform where their investment and holding of assets is kept with the team of Starpets . On Starpets, you can certainly do a friendly deal with your friends or known persons for buying and selling of digital pets but the platform charges a certain of fees for transacting every pet.

For beginners in the NFT World , it is one of lowest investment platform and you can start with as low as 5 Euros or 10$ for investing in NFTs.

Buying and Selling Digital Pets on

starpets,gg , starpets NFTs , profit on starpets , buy and sell on starpets , profit on starpets
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On , buying and selling or trading of Digital pets is done in a similar way as it is done on Binance or Opensea of selling any cryptotoken or NFT :

For buying :

  1. Create an Account on (Use Mobile app of for ease ).
  2. Make deposits your Wallet through different deposit options .
  3. Select Starpets you want to invest in and Add pets into your Cart.
  4. Make payment of the Starpets selected on the payment page.

It might take from an hour to even 8 hours to transfer the required assets to your blockchain account .

For Selling :

  1. Use the same account and login to your account .
  2. Go to My pets page and Click on Sell Orders.
  3. Place a price of your pets and click on List for selling the pets .

On the marketplace , once the pet is listed for sale it will be bought by someone and the price of it after deduction of charges will be deposited to your account by the Starpets Team.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Options on StarPets

For Deposits on you can use the following methods to add your money to buy assets on the platform :

  1. World Cards – VISA , MasterCard, Amex, etc.
  2. EcoPayz Platform
  3. Apple Pay
  4. Google Pay
  5. Bitcoin Wallet
  6. Tether Wallet
  7. GameMoney

There is no limit on any amount to withdraw from the platform as the charges on each trade are deducted by the platform instantly during the trade. For withdrawl / selling the asset from the platform, you have the following options :

  1. Go to the Inventory Option
  2. Click on Add Asset
  3. Enter the name of the Asset you want to sell.
  4. Select the bot which will facilitate your trade for selling .
  5. Click the bot ” Add to friends ” option .
  6. Accept all clauses and Click on Continue .
  7. Copy the Security Code provided on the platform for the trade.
  8. Click on Connect to Server
  9. Click on the Dustbin Icon on the Platform
  10. Click on Sell and Enter the price of the asset.
  11. Confirm the order .

Once , you sale order is recognized by any person it will be bought at the price you identified on the platform and then you will be able to Withdraw money from the Wallet to your finance wallet .

Starting to Make 10$ everyday  on StarPets Platform 

It is easy to make around 10 to 50$ a day on the platform , but it is necessary to consider buying only those NFTs which are high in demand . For instance , if you consider any cow asset or cow NFT ,you will see it is priced and bought at a higher price .So , if you could arrange to buy it on a lower price then you can make a deal over high price on the platform .

For making around 10$ a day ,you need to make bulk purchase in NFTs on this platform and have to hold for atleast 2 to 5 days for getting better gains . Also , for higher price their is a higher risk also . It is better to make investment after proper analysis and study for investing in these Starpets NFTs .

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Investing in NFTs in starpets could be risky and also their is no such guarentee of making profits on the investment . It is necessary to do some research before investing in any NFT on this platform .

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