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Make 100$ a Day with SchoolSolver Assignment Platform – Buy and Sell Homework Solutions Online

Online their are many legal platforms from which you can make money by selling notes, answer students questions or even sell your homework notes to students of some questions. It is not difficult to earn 100$ or 1000$ a day by working on these FAQ or homework sharing websites as they pay you for your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. There are platforms like Studypool, Quora or Just Answers that pay you to sell solutions to topic based questions asked and answered. But their is a more advanced level of earning that you can do at Schoolsolver is an eBay for selling notes or answers online that can be bought by any student, teacher or any third person.

School Solver pays you for multiple project base to sell or answer your school, college, project or assignment notes online. How you can earn money on or for what minimum duration you should work to make money on, we have explained it for you in this article.

SchoolSolver Assignments Buy and Sell 

Schoolsolver is an assignment selling or notes selling website where freelancers or students can also earn money by selling their assignment solutions. The basic process that flows in the website is that the person with the assignment solution writes the solution on the assignment and puts a value on the assignment for his acceptance of the solution.

In addition, on many assignments a student can place a handwritten solution or typed solution on SchoolSolver with a price tag, so that anyone can purchase it and the payment amount is added to the SchoolSolver account. The platform pays assignment solvers through multiple payment methods.

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Make Money at

It is easy to start earning money from the very first day of joining because as soon as you join the platform, you have to choose some subjects according to your SSC or you can add those subjects to your profile as well. If questions are raised on any subjects, you can upload or type the solutions and submit them with the price.

Once your solution is accepted and the actual question posting person or any other person buys the solution from us and then you get the amount shown in your account. In this you get money for providing real solution whose bad if you give wrong solution then your money can also be asked for refund to the person who posted the question.

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Is a scam or legit platform to make money ?

Schoolsolver is a trustworthy or legit platform to earn money online. There are many options for this like Just Answer or Studypool but if we talk about payment threshold and trust regarding payments, then you get lifetime earning for posting homework or answers on the website because it is also a solution platform on which to buy separately or Sell Time Different Students Can Purchase Your Solution Base On Trust Reviews.

School solver is legit platform also you get real income from this platform and if you issue in the form of assignment poster post question and there is any scam with you then you can also ask for refund of your fund You will get what will be deducted back from the account of the person who answers.

Joining and Making Money platform is an easy to use platform and can work as a freelancer as well. Do you get a good chance to register and earn. Follow these steps to create an account on School Solver:

  1. Visit the official website of School Solver.
  2. Register as a teacher or a student.
  3. Fill out your form. Enter your referral code to get additional joining bonus if you are referred.
  4. Verify you email and login credentials.

Once, your account is verified, you can login to SchoolSolver and start providing solutions on assignments. No commission is going to be given to you for selling notes and joining. But depending on your payout from the platform, you have to pay some percentage of commission.

How do School solvers get paid? – Payment Method

School solvers get real time payment option based on their earning where they can put request for their payout anytime. School is a public platform of solvers where you put your answers to all the search engines like Just Answer or Quora based on your solution reviews, your answers are bought worldwide.

If someone puts the same question on Google or other search engine, then your answer reaches for which you have to keep your answer public. In this way your earnings get even worse. Talk about payment methods to school solver

You can take payment through Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer and multiple payment methods.

Ask and Solve on SchoolSolver

That if you answer a question privately keeping in mind the poster or you directly contact them then the biggest loss you face is the visibility that SchoolSolver gives you. As a student you can place questions on school solver academic based, health based, mathematical question based or physics or chemistry or any subject in the world.

You can put a price on each question, which you can use directly by choosing the correct answer. It totally depends on which language you want and you can set the value according to how long and short answer you want. You shouldn’t be paid any commission for asking questions on School Solver.

School Solver Earning Proof and Payment Threshold

You do not have to meet any minimum threshold as per the platform of SchoolSolver. If you want to work on this platform on freelancing basis and according to your working hours then you can. You can opt for PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer to receive the payment through School Solver.

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Do they have a rating process on

Yes ratings are placed by each buyer on the solution provided on the platform.

Do they have any prepaid deals on

Yes, but only provided on the basis of past trust reviews on the platform.

Can you answer multiple questions at once on

Yes, you can answer as many questions as you want on Schoolsolver. But it should be original and not copied.

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