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How to Calculate Percentage , Square Root : Learn Mathematics Online

Not only kids but everyone should be capable of doing math easily on finger tips. Mathematics is a subject to be learnt by heart . Their is no particular age of learning mathematics because it is needed at every stage of life and is a basic thing to be learnt . Mathematics helps you learn about ‘ How you portion a thing ?’  , ‘ How you calculate total price of goods you purchased ? ‘ , ‘How much is your investment or savings etc ? ‘ . Mathematics is taught to kids from age 7 in India , because at this stage kids are in their IQ development period and they need to be taught good skills and thoughts just to boost their mental strenght.

Today you have smartphones , laptops , tablets to learn anything at any time . Even a middle income earner now in India can afford a smartphone where you can watch any tutorial on how things are being calculated using mathematics. Not covering entire mathematics , we in this post have tried to give you a short brief on how different calculations can be done simply in mind than using any paper or any calculator , also after reading this post you might feel more happier of over coming your fear of mathematics , which you had till reading this post.


Mathematics states about calculating percentages , finding multiples , divisors , square roots , cube roots, and to a bigger extent it states about how big calculations which are required at an engineering level . You just cannot ignore mathematics in your daily life . Have you ever tried of buying more than 10 goods and doing calculations of their prices without a mobile calculator , we assure that you haven’t done it because using a calculator has made our minds dull or we feel hazy of doing small calculations which are very important to be done on tips.

Without mathematics , you cannot survive on this planet because illiterate are left with no other work than doing labour jobs to earn their living because they were not able get educated on time and at an age when they need funds the most , they don’t have enough to spend or knowledge to earn at their age . Mathematics is connected to almost every subject somewhere , for instance when you study physics you cannot ignore e=mc^2 , this is an equation which you cannot solve without knowing mathematics and in biology you need mathematics to calculated biomass percentage etc.

So all in all you have to expertise mathematics , whenever you get time because mathematics is not a rush subject it needs time and devotion to be learnt. Down below we have given you some information on how you can calculate percentage or square root in mathematics , also if you want some help in knowing what are some goods sources where you can learn mathematics online keep reading this post down.


Percentage or Square Root Calculation

To tell you in short , you need to know Percentage calculation to find a portion of something .For instance you have a cake and each their are 20 people sitting around to have it , what percentage of it would you distribute in each of them .

To know this you just have to do this simple calculation :

Let percentage to be given  = x

Total cake be taken as value = 100

Total number of people = 20

so the percentage would be  = total cake value / total number of people

=100 / 20

= x = 5

So, each person will get 5 percent of the cake.

In simple way , you want to find 5 percent of 300 then you calculate –

= 5 *300/100 = 15

10 percent of 950 can be calculated by :

= 10 * 950/100 = 95

So , hope now you know how to calculate simple percentage.

2. Doing square root of any number you just have to do like this :

Square of 33 = 33*3+33*30 = 99+990 = 1089

Square of 46 = 46*6+46*40= 276+1840 = 2116

Square of 393 = 393*3+393*90+393*300= 1179+35370+117900 = 154449.

Hope you get a short cut of this also .


Online Mathematics Kaha se Sikhen

Over internet you can explore millions of sources to learn mathematics , you can learn from Scratch and can even some courses online for yourself and for your kids . Spending for learning is never a waste , either you excel or you fail , and with failure you still have a learning , so don’t hesitate to buy any online if you cannot afford to go for private tutions of maths .

Also , our advisory will go on side of learning with ease , i.e you can use multiple apps available on play store to learn mathematics than just logging in to multiple websites , because even in spare time you can do multiple quizes and do MCQs on mathematics .

You can use apps like :

  1. Vedantu App
  2. Khan Academy App
  3. Byjus App
  4. Easy Math App
  5. CueMath App

All these apps are trusted apps , you can use this apps without sharing any of your personal information , while some are free while some charges some fees against the courses .


Benefits of Learning Mathematics Online

After learning mathematics , you will definitely be able to do instant calculations without requiring any calcuator or calculation device. Also if you get your kids some online mathematics course it will help him  :

  1. It will help in developing brain cells and logical thinking skills .
  2. It will develop remembering and analytical skills to solve real life problems .
  3. It will help him do prompt computations .

So , go ahead and start learning mathematics today . If you need some help finding any good source  of learning any subject online you can contact us in below comments or can share us your feedback down below .

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