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How Excessive Drinking Affects You : Live Healthy Stop Drinking

Alcohol consumption is bad for health , but you might get addicted to it and would not be able to stop it due to your old drinking habits or excessive stress and life issues . Living a healthy life is must , a person must be motivated towards life and should not get into bad habits like these . Also if you are a family person you should be well planned for your family before getting into such drinking habits.

In this post , you will get to know how excessive drinking of alcohol can affect your body and what diseases you have to face in your older age for having such habits .

Why excessive drinking habits ?

Sometimes , if you are in your young age you get into habits of excessive consumption of alcohol , this might be due to you over party , you get into friend circle of drinkers or smokers , or you do it for proving your self to be a adult – this is a problem in many youngsters now adays . They usually drink more for showcasing or for social goodwill among their friends .But their is no such good returns you get if you drink, because your social goodwill among your peers would never let you bring to good health back , but you have to take care of your body yourself and have to keep away from excessive drinking . It is not only about drinking but you have to avoid all types of alcohol based products like tobacco , cigarette , alcohol , beer etc because these products have a deep effect on your most crucial body parts where your liver , intestines , kidneys , oesophagus get damaged due to excessive consumption of these products which is irrepairable.

What happens when you drink excessively ?


When you get into a habit of excessive drinking , firstly you will find youself in a situation where you liver would pain you everytime till it gets more alcohol or untill you get to some alcohol product . Also , it’s been noticed in the history itself that once you get into alcohol based products , your body stops producing the essential cells in the body where once in a lifetime you will feel the most weakest in your body and you will feel to leave such habits . But these habits are crucial to be left or slowed down whenever you start feeling the urge of their more and more consumption .

Once you get in to habit of drinking excessive whiskey suppose , the first and foremest problem you will face would be lack of sleep , you would not be able to sleep well until you consume that product more and more and your brain would always take you towards urge of alcohol consumption .

Alcohol consumption first affects your liver and kidney , it weakens the cells produced by these body parts which is necessary to produce urine and takeaway the necessary fluids from the body out . If these parts become damaged due to excessive drinking , then the person is left with no other option that just getting the part replaced through help of doctors or have to avoid consumption of alchohol further untill the damaged body part is recovered.

What home remedies you should do to avoid effect of alcohol on body ?

There are simple home remedies that you can follow to affect of alcohol on your body parts . If you have a history of long term drinking and history of daily drinking , then it is necessary for you to wake up and do follow these home remedies to avoid alcohol consumption further and quickly recover back your damaged body parts due to excessive drinking :-

  1. Must have a morning walk , which can be done in between 6 a.m to 8 a.m and you should not do running , the only thing you have to do is simple walking and some excersize . Do not pressurize your body ,keep it simple and be consistent .
  2. Keep your self engaged in some work , if you have some business or some job , better focus on your work or interact with more and more people everyday so that you do not get into thoughts of excessive drinking .
  3. Consume almonds every day , take 5-6 almonds every day and soak them in water and consume them in the morning time in between 6 a.m to 8 a.m.
  4. With doctor advice , take adequate medicine prescription and liquids for frequent movement of fluids through out your body.
  5. Have better green vegetables and high rich protein foods in your daily diet , untill you consume it in your daily diet it would repair your damaged body part soon and you have to depend on medicines to get back to good health.

Hope you liked this post , if you have queries related to treatment of body in case of heavy drink issues or fatty liver issues , you can comment your queries down in the comment section.

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