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Finding Jobs Online on Linkedin and Indeed for 12th Pass , Graduates and Post Graduates

Company Job in India – It could be difficult to find a job if you are a fresher or have no experience , but their are certain platforms which provides internship opportunity to skill up your skills and get a highly qualified job . Searching for a job in India could be difficult as you might end up pissing off with a job scam of a fake job listing online where you might be asked to pay for applying for a job . To counter all such fake posts , there are two main sources that you can use to find a good job in India – Linkedin and Indeed.

How you can master the art of searching the right job for yourself and how you can use platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed to apply for job is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Finding a Company Genuine Job Recruitment

Finding a genuine job recruitment notification or a post could be difficult . As you might search on Google for job listings near you but already the listings provided by different platforms are nothing but a way for those websites to bring traffic to their platform with making false job placement notifications or recruitments.

In India , companies do hire through agencies and certain HR Placement agencies where the entire recruitment process is undertaken by those agencies . To find out authentic and genuine job placements in India is the main task to achieve.

If you do not find a decent agency for a job placement in your area , you can go through Linkedin and Indeed which has become core platforms for hiring nowadays.

Fake Recruitment Vs Original Recruitment Online

company jobs

Keeping yourself safe from fake job placements is also necessary , like if you see a job placement advertisement asking for your personal documents or for some sort of earnest money to deposit for securing a jobs , those are seriously fake job posts which does not provide anything.

Also , there are some platforms created online like data entry platforms , translation platform which are not registered and charge hefty amounts from people for giving jobs or earning opportunity. It is essential to keep away from such jobs posts.

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Finding Jobs on LinkedIn India 

LinkedIn is a network for finding jobs in India , it is a network of all individuals working in corporates or those seeking jobs in India or abroad. Also, linkedin is a content rich platform to find ways to polish your skills or to know the way you can head in your career.

On linkedin you can place your location and seek for job listings on the platform which are mostly placed by the real job hiring agencies and HRs of different corporates.

Right from seeking part time jobs , you can apply for full time as well as gig jobs on Linkedin based on your skills and talent.

Finding Local Job on Indeed for both educated and Uneducated 

Indeed is a platform where you can find all local job listings in distinct profiles where you can straight create a resume or CV and forward it to recruiters for your selection .

On Indeed , most of the recruiters are verified by the platform and the AI of the platform is also very strict in detecting for fake jobs posts and fake recruitment.

Finding a good company job in Indeed is very easier compared to any other platform and you can also talk to the HR , share your thoughts and apply for multiple job positions.

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Trust on Job Listings on Online Listing Platforms like Olx

It is about whether you should trust job listings on Olx, WorkIndia or or not in India . Most of the recruitments on these platforms are fake and once you apply with your information loads of your personal data is shared on the internet with the fake people posing to be recruiters . So , it is essential to keep distance from such forge job networks .

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