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Facebook Ads Earning Per Month $10000 for Instream Ads Complete Watch Time and Get Paid

Facebook apart from a reknown social network is a great platform to make money online.It is not for only freelancers but also for full time workers who are either want to scale their business or want to showcase their content in order to make some money . In the last few years , Facebook provided a monetizing features to its creators namely Instream ADS , where creators can create video content and after completing an eligibility criteria can monetize their content from brand ads and can generate revenue just like YouTube does.

Facebook pays its creators just like YouTube every month and also provides useful insights to become a creator and become popular online . Like YouTube , on Facebook to earn revenue from Instream ads , you can earn money after completing a certain criteria which is mentioned below . In this article ,you will certainly be able to know how you can start your money making journey on Facebook online.

Facebook Earning Methods and Revenue 

On facebook their are number of methods that you can use to earn money with or without investing any money . Their is a term called content creation where you have to provide some video , some website or some picture to gain more followers, more likes and more engagement on your facebook profile or page . To earn money from Facebook , the basic requirement is a Facebook Page and nothing else . Here are few methods that you can use to earn money online  :

  1. Facebook Branded Content
  2. Facebook Stars Monetization
  3. Facebook Subscription
  4. Facebook In-streams Ads
  5. Facebook Level Up Gaming Ads

For investors or business owners , their is a passive income space also where they can invest in their stock and create shop on Facebook Marketplace to sell their products online .

Facebook Instream Ads Earning and Criteria 

Out of all , the most important and highest revenue offering platform on Facebook to make money online is Facebook Instream ads where you can create a Facebook page and can post videos . Once your video is viewed , some ads are also shown to the viewers of which some revenue is transffered to the creator of the video by Facebook . Facebook Instreams ads can make anywhere around $1000 to $50000 a month depending on the content type and viewership .

The criteria to make money on facebook through Facebook Instream ads include :

1.60,000 minutes total watch time on videos .

2. 5000 followers on Facebook page .

Both criteria is very easy and can be completed from uploading around 100 videos of 6 minutes as watched by 1000 people .

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Facebook Fresh Video Page Ideas 

For creators it is difficult to decide whether to use their own content or use content of some other person , but Facebook in these terms is very strict for usage of other creator content to earn money on Facebook . It is a healthy practise that the creator uses its own content publishes it and make money out of it . For creators , who want to know some faceless or vlog videos ideas to publish on facebook that could bring more easy results in Watchtime criteria completion can follow these video page ideas on facebook :

  1. Creating Bike vlogs
  2. Creating Pets vlogs
  3. Creating facts and news videos .
  4. Creating tutorial long videos like that of online business , website creation etc .
  5. Creating videos or repairs or damages or ASMR relaxation .

These video ideas will certainly work in easy monetizing your content ,and do follow that your content does not hold any brand logo or copyright mark , even of the editing software you are using .

Monetizing Video Platforms and Concept of Earning 

Other that Facebook , there are multiple video networks that work online and help you make money . The basic concept behind such platforms is that they have some number of advertisers for which they require some content creators to create some content and so that they can show brand ads on their platform on such ads .

Also , video ads are one of the most engaging ways of interacting with customers by making them know what they are selling and what customers can buy. For creators, the most important thing to know in Facebook Instream Ads Monetization is earning by way  E-CPM where it means Earning Cost Per Mile , means how much video is being watched by the viewer and how much ads is being watched .

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How much you can earn from Facebook Video Ads ?

On an average a creator can earn somewhere around $1000 to even $10000 per month from facebook. This can be understood with an example , the web series content , cricket videos and WWE Videos , infrastructure creation , home decor repair and real estate or insurance like content earns the most revenue from facebook where you can make huge money . While some easy niches that you can follow to make money on facebook which could be easily viral include :

  1. Jobs Content
  2. Business Ideas Content
  3. Tutorial Videos on Adsense
  4. Drop shipping Business Content
  5. Content on Instagram business or account management etc .

These ideas can make your content quick viral and make you earn more money online faster.


What is the new criteria of Facebook to earn money online ?

The new criteria to monetizing content on Facebook , include 60000 watch time minutes on videos and 5000 followers with likes on Facebook page .

Can you use others videos to make money on Facebook ?

No , it is advisable to not to use others videos unless it is available online copyright free.

When does Facebook pays to its creators ?

Facebook pays its creator every month on 18th and directly to the bank account of creator.

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