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Earn Money Online with Selling Blogs and Websites Online Upto Rs 50000 per month

There could be millions of business ideas online to earn money but all they require is some investment and might take long to be sold for the products. In case of blogging or website creation or digital marketing business you can easily make Rs 50000 per month selling your ready websites to your clients which can help them earn online or market their products. In real , there is a huge demand for ready blogs and website online which bloggers require to create blogs which could earn them some advertising revenue or sales.

If you want to start website reselling or want to know all its basics online for reselling websites online , then read this article carefully to know what is website creation and reselling and how much money you can make reselling websites online or domain flipping online in 2024.

What is Website Reselling ?

Website reselling is about that you purchase or create a website and resell it for profit . The investment in website is the domain and the hosting cost and its investment in hiring a freelancer for setting it up or writing content on the website . Website reselling is about selling the entire website to a client for a price which is higher than the actual creation cost.

Website reselling is an easy way to earn money as freelancers or bloggers and several startup owners required website with good ranking and holding some back-link value which can help them rank their own websites . Also , they opt to create their own business on their purchased business.

How much price does a website is resold ?

If you invest in a website like Rs 2000 in the domain purchase and hosting create such website on your own , then based on the ranking and listing of the website you can resell such website for a price of Rs 10000 or even for Rs 50000. Some websites online are even sold for Rs 1 lakh and Rs 10 lakh based on their traffic , content and brand value.

How to earn from reselling a website ?

You can start earning from reselling a website using the following process :

  1. Create a website buying domain and hosting from .
  2. Buy the domain and hosting for 1 year only .
  3. Setup the WordPress Website using Cpanel or take help of an expert in creating the website.
  4. Write content or create content on a specific niche on the website
  5. Once ranked , start posting ads for reselling the website in blogger communities .
  6. Transfer the domain and hosting to client

Receive the Payment or you can also transfer after the payment.

Sources to Sell your Website 

Selling a website is easier if you target the right customer or use the right platform to find your clients . You can sell your websites creating a separate domain reselling website . Use facebook or instagram ads for reselling your website or you can also post ads in Facebook groups for reselling to blogger communities or Ad-sense earning groups online.

Investment in Setting up a Website for Reselling 

There is hardly any big investment required for setting up a reselling website , where for some costly domains like .com or .org you need to pay a higher price , but you can start with a investment of as low as Rs 200 by buying low cost domains and hosting for Rs 599 from (Shared Hosting Plan ) .

Time for Setting up a Website for Reselling 

For reselling , website can be sold only once it becomes 2 or 3 months old as a fresh website is never in demand in market . You can resell a website , once it starts receiving some traffic and also ranks some content on the search engine.

If you resell a fresh website ,you might not be able to earn much money.

Old vs New Website Value for Reselling 

For a domain older than 6 months , you can receive a higher amount while for website with the newest domain but with high quality reach and content it will also price higher.

You might not be able to earn from a website which does not have content or the domain is fresh.

Tips for Reselling Ready Websites Online 

Once your website is old , the smarter way to sell it posting regular ads for reselling the website online on Facebook placing the lowest bid price for reselling of the website. More you can do is :

  1. Have reference testimonials of your clients to review on some platform .
  2. You can provide a video call assistance to your client during the tranfer
  3. Create some report of the domain using different SEO tools to charge higher for your domain.

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On Godaddy, you can transfer the entire domain and hosting i.e transfer the entire website to your client  without any charges . If you need assistance with selling your website or want to buy a website , you can send us your inquiries down in the comment section below.

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