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Dropshipping Business in India for Earning Money Online per Month $5000 without Investment [Real Truth]

Online there are different business models that you can prefer to make money online as you require a website , a popular platform or a social media page to promote and showcase your products . It requires knowledge of listing , using dashboard of multiple websites and the technical knowledge to integrate the payment gateways in the system . As a substitute of all these, in India their is an increasing craze of creating virtual stores without investment named with Dropshipping . Dropshipping is similar to e-commerce selling online but it holds a lot of difference in many ways . Youngsters which are short of ideas to make money online , dropshipping is one of most easiest way to make money online by selling products of other sellers without investment .

Dropshipping is far more different from e-commerce selling but it requires great investment in advertisement and their are lot of secrets also associated with it with which you can make almost 2 lakhs to even 5 lakhs per month . In this article ,we shall be discussing more in brief What is dropshipping and what is required to start a drop ship business in India ?.

Dropshipping Business in India 

To understand in simple terms , Dropshipping means you have to sell product of other sellers through making your website and then promoting those products through different ad platforms . The money you earn by way of profits margins that you set in between a product listing from a seller to your platform . For instance , in drop shipping you checkout kids shoes piece at the price of 250 and you put those shoes (pictures of those shoes ) at your website at Rs 700 ,then 450 is your margin once the shoe is sold .

The order is placed through your website but is fullfiled by the seller and not by you . Once the customer makes , the payment the platform on which you create your website like Shopify , WIX etc will make you payment for the sale . This is how dropshipping works ! .

Why you should Start Dropshipping Business in India ?

In dropshipping , you can create your own shopping website with Wix or Shopify by making payment of some fees for one year. It is essential , that you start dropshipping business in 2023 as :

  1. It does not require any investment in stock or its maintenance .
  2. If you posses marketing skills , you can promote those goods which you do not own .
  3. You can earn decent commissions and automate your business by listing products on your website .
  4. The orders will be executed by sellers and you do not take care of returns or refunds.

Once you make sales of some products , you can also start your e-commerce through your own website on the platform and can sell your products directly to your customers without onboarding any seller .

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Looking out for Products for Dropshipping in India

In dropshipping , it is essential that you do not go to multi niche products as it will create a chaos ,as sometimes you have to buy the product by yourself by the time if you get frequent orders of a particular product . So , it entirely depends on your investment or your knowledge by how you can manage your dropshipping business with the easy and competitive products in market . Some crazy categories that you must try to sell through drop shipping :

  1. Kids Shoes
  2. Kids Toys
  3. Sneakers
  4. Health and Fitness Supplements
  5. Medical Equipments

These are some of the highest paying and hot selling products sold in Indian market through drop shipping . In foreign markets , you can also sell ebooks and digital products or course but for receiving payments from foreign ,you need to create your own LLC and obtain a EIN of your entity .

Partners and Companies available for Dropship in India

For dropshipping , their are hardly any competitors that are working to provide an easy platform for dropshipping online . Online WIX and Shopify are one of the popular hosting websites which comes with payment tools ,product sales tools , tracking tools and even integration tools to integrate your amazon products, Aliexperss products or even products from India-mart to your Shopify store .

You just have to create your multi shop online and can outsource products from other e-commerce vendors online . Some popular platforms with which you can create your dropshipping store is Shopify and WIX.

Creation of Dropshopping Store Online with Low Investment 

To create a dropshipping store , you can follow this process :

  1. Go to the Shopify (in for India and .com for any other country )
  2. Buy the basic store package .
  3. Buy a domain from Godaddy.com or in .
  4. Integrate Godaddy domain with Shopify .
  5. Start listing your products from product section in dashboard menu in Shopify .
  6. Enter pricing and create an Interactive UI for the customer to trust your website .
  7. Provide payment options and link your payments account .

Once done , your dropshipping store is ready . Now you can create a Facebook Ads account or a Google Ads account to promote your products online . Try using the traffic and conversion goal in Facebook ads to get maximum sales .

Can dropshipping be done without Investment ?

No , dropshipping cannot be entirely done without investment as it requires some investment in the form of advertisment . As once you have invested in a store fees of 30$ for buying a shopify premium account and approx 10$ on buying a domain name , you might have to make some investment in graphics and improving the UI of the website .

Also , you need to promote the product through  Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads so that you get more instant sales based on your customer category as it is difficult for a website to grow organically .

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Can dropshipping business be started from home ?

Yes , it does not require a physical shop or stock to place . Dropshipping can be done from home .

Is marketing cost more in dropshipping than e-commerce selling ?

Yes , in dropshipping you have to give extra efforts to selling and marketing your product rather than packaging or quality .

What should I do e-commerce or dropshipping ?

Dropshipping is better to do in an investment of $150 and for those who want to invest in stock can do e-commerce selling through Amazon or Flipkart .

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