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What is Danube Properties Proposal for Indian Investors for Home in Dubai ?

Their are few opportunities that investors in India receive to invest in abroad . While people look for investing in cryptocurrencies and for other short term investments as their is least knowledge about investing in foreign properties and their licensing issues . But those with a will to have their dream home in their dream country , their is always some opportunity to invest . Such an option is provided by the most renowned brand in Dubai famous for building big real estate projects .

In this article , you will get to know about an Amazing project My Dubai , My Home for real estate investors, trust value of the project and the rental scheme of the project .

What is Danube Properties project for buying home in Dubai ?

Danube Properties is a pioneer in property development in UAE . Working for over 25 years , the brand constructed over 17 millennial’s which were sold as such they are built. The brand recently  launched its My Dubai , My Home program where people from all over the World can invest in the properties formed by Danube Properties . Their is no restriction for investor proposals from other countries and the program promotes investing in the properties created by the company which is full of life including all health facilities .

It is one of the vision of Danube properties , to provide affordable housing facilities in Dubai and to attract expatriates to have their home in the country in-spite of residing on rental properties . With all compliance to labor laws , amazing infrastructural schemes and World class facilities , the developer is offering rental scheme with the least payment options .

How much amount is to be paid by the Investor to buy Home in Dubai ?

This is a one time opportunity for a investor to invest in the property of Dubai and complete paperwork is on hand of Danube Properties . On this scheme , the investor has to invest only 1 percent of the entire amount on monthly basis . The scheme is available to all foreigners , UAE residents and investors Worldwide.

With Charm of the Middle East and amazing business places to watch , the housing facilities of Danube properties comes with a experience of industry leading developers in Dubai . The company is also well known for using the best quality material for construction in whole Dubai . The founder of the company Rizwan Sajan being from an Indian background , has also opened the project for investment wholly for Indian investors also .

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How to get advisory for buying home in Dubai from Danube Properties ?

Considering the political view of bringing more and more reforms for investment and tourism and efforts of government to reduce the regulatory regime on foreign investment , the developer has taken advantage for the maximum discounts on investment . The entire project details for My Dubai , My Home package has been shared on the official web portal of Danube Properties .

Interested participants or Interested investors in India can directly get advisory for investing in Dubai properties with Danube properties , by getting a consultation over their major offices in India there at :

  1. Mumbai : Unit No. 111, 1st Floor, The Capital Building Bandra, Kurla Complex, Mumbai, 400051, India , +971 800 57 57
  2. Kochi : 1st Floor KNA Plaza, Kundannoor, Kochi, Kerala, India , +971 800 57 57
  3. Delhi : B4 Building, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi, PO Box 110024 – India
  4. Ahemdabad : A 1207 Privilon, Near Iskon Cross Road, Sarkhej Gandhinagar Hwy, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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Can homes purchased from Danube Properties be rented ?

Yes, the options provided in the Danube Properties program for My Dubai , My Home an investor can anytime let his property in the Danube project . But it becomes necessary for the investor to pay complete the entire property thereafter becoming the owner of the property , anyone can let it and earn money from it .

In Dubai , the company is also offering freelancers to bring investors in the projects to get some quick commission from their references.

Is Danube properties a trusted company ?

Started 25 years ago, the company has grown from a small Deira in Dubai to as big as a 2500 in-house employee holding company . The company holds its offices and ravishing points there in 9 countries from where investment advisory is provided to Worldwide investors . Also , the project has been trusted by more than 11 influencers where they are promoting the campaign in their respective modes and audience .

The social media sensations Mo Vlog, Jumana Khan, Nina Ubhi, Ahmed Mokbel, Saadiq, Chef Kelvin Cheung , Ahmed Haffar, Virdah Khan,Ritu, Rinki Pamnani and Vlada are the young millennial sensations of this city who have made a name for themselves, Danube Properties associated all these Influencers to promote this project . So , project from Danube properties for 1 percent investment can be considered as a trusted project.

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What if cancellation for property investment is requested from Danube Properties ?

For consultation related to cancellation of the token money for investment in Danube properties can be made with only the customer support or support team of the company . While their is no specific guidelines for withdrawal of investment from this program .

So , at Danube Properties My Dubai , My Home program is an amazing opportunity to invest with the lowest investment . If you are interested know more about this investment and want to invest in the Danube properties program , then you can ask us down in the comment section below . 

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