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Claim your funds from Sahara Portal Apply & Login ?

For the help of Sahara Scammed people , the Government of India has launched the platform of Sahara Refund portal where the Ministry of Cooperatives , Government of India with the assistance of Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies is helping people to claim their funds back from Sahara deposit scheme . The Ministry has offered the claims for Rs 5000 crore from the portal . The portal was launched by the Union Minister , Amit Shah . For refunds and claims one can apply on mocrefund gov in website . 

If your money was stuck for a long time in Sahara deposit scam , then in this article you will be able to know how you can claim it back from the mocrefund gov in website and the documents required to claim the same from the CRCS Portal.

Working of the Sahara Refund Portal 

For the depositors , the Sahara refund portal will be made user friendly and will be able to provide information in regional language . The portal as launched by Union Minister Amit Shah on 18th July, 2023 is now live and is ready to refund the claims of 10 crore people who invested their money in Sahara deposit scheme .

The Sahara deposit scheme was launched in 2008 where people trusted to make deposits in the scheme for higher returns compared to the Fixed deposits returns . Now with the Supreme Court decision government will provide a 100% refund of the amount invested of the depositors directly in their bank account.

Why through the Sahara Refund Portal and in 2023 ?

It can be considered as a political stunt for winning hearts of Indian audience before elections of 2024 where BJP government is offering this portal for claiming the refund process from the cooperative deposits from government .

The Sahara deposits  will be available on the mocrefund.crcs gov in website and the website is currently live for registration of depositors and claims of refunds . The program is made to safeguard the interest of depositors .

The allocation of funds has been done by the Indian government and soon the claims are processed the Sahara deposit refund claims will be provided to the depositor bank account .

Total Corpus of the Sahara Refund Portal 

For all the claimants of the Sahara refund portal, the CRCS portal will first be allocate 5000 crore of rupees for the claimants to receive in their bank account . For more applicants or claims received , the government will further allocate more funds to the portal .

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Sahara Refund Portal Launch Date in India

The fund allocation for the Sahara claimants was made just after the launch of the Sahara refund portal where the portal was launched on 18th July , 2023 by CRCS . The allocation of funds would be made from the Sahara captured Sahara SEBI Refund account to Sahara Credit Refund Portal on claims of depositors.

Registration and Sahara Refund Portal Login 

The claims for refunds from the Sahara portal will be done after the users or the depositors register on the CRCS Portal or the mocrefund crcs gov in portal for claiming the benefit of deposits. The deposits will be withdrawn effortlessely on the portal by registering on the CRCS Portal .

Once registration through the mobile number and the Aadhaar details is done , the OTP is received on the mobile number and password is to be generated to login to the Sahara refund portal. After login , you can click on Claim refund for Sahara deposits and enter the amount of deposits made in the scheme .

Also , essential evidences are to be held for claiming those deposits with the company . If you are holding a saving certificate or an account ID of Sahara then you can claim the refund more smoothly.

How to apply online on the Sahara Refund Portal 2023 ?

For application of refund on the Sahara refund portal , you can follow the below steps :

  • Visit the official website at
  • Use your mobile number, Aadhaar number, and other necessary information to register.
  • Verify your email address so they can contact you later.
  • For a simple application process, review the features and instructions of the portal.
  • Complete the online refund request form by entering accurate details.
  • Upload the required files, making sure they don’t exceed the permitted file sizes.
  • Verify all the details and supporting documentation once more before submitting the refund request.
  • Now click on SUBMIT to request a refund.

What is the Utility of Sahara Refund Portal @ mocrefund crcs gov in ?

With no claims required to made in the banks of deposits ,the claimants can now directly apply on the mocrefund crcs portal for claiming their scammed amount from the company in return on the Sahara refund portal . The entire process will be streamlined and transparent for the applicants .

The interest of the depositors will be protected and for all the claims made on the portal , the Supreme court will transfer the amount from CRCS Account to the Sahara SEBI Refund Account for making payment of all deposit claims.

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Do you require any document in Sahara Refund Portal Form ?

The entire application will be done through the CRCS portal and the claimant have to first register as a depositor on the portal and have to login on mocrefund crcs gov in portal for claiming refund . In the refund process ,the depositor can claim for the amount after providing some reference documents for the claims .

The documents can be uploaded on the document or will have to shared once the applicant or the claimant is contacted by the Team of Sahara refund portal. The essential documents required for the application is the Aadhaar number of depositor and the mobile number registered with the Aadhaar.

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