Chai Sutta Bar franchise cost - Investment and Profitability

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost – Investment and Profitability in Chai Sutta Bar Franchise in India [2023]

Apart from being tea lovers in India, there are many people who want to do some business which is most unique and whose demand is always high. There is a lot of craze among people regarding tea in India or overall daily lakhs of liters of tea is made in India. It is also considered as one of the most favorite Indian beverages. While everyone is doing the business of tea production, distribution, stock handling or tea serving, there are some people who are operating it as a full-fledged franchise. Talking about Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost in India, this franchisee is given lakhs for opening just one tea outlet.

Chai Sutta Bar is a unique business proposal, people are giving their franchisee cost to the company to do business and are opening the franchise of Chai Sutta Bar in India at different places. If you want to know Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost, Investment or CSB Franchise Profitability then you must read this article carefully.

What is Chai Sutta Bar ?

Chai Sutt Bar is a tea based outlet franchise business model which offers tea + tea time snacks in terms of products. Compared to a roadside tea stall, Chai Sutta Bar is a hygienic or a well managed business model to start a tea business. Chai Sutta Bar is specially proposed targeting the employees of corporate sector or business sector as a relaxation time for the body or for me time. This franchisee is proving to be very successful.

If seen, 200+ franchisee outlets of this franchise have been opened in India itself. Is there some special criteria for taking the franchisee, as well as anyone has to apply in the company to apply this franchisee.

What is the benefit of taking Chai Sutta Bar Franchise ?

Chai Sutta Bar franchise cost - Investment and Profitability
Image Source : Chai Sutta Bar

The special thing about Chai Sutta Bar is that there are very few franchisees in India regarding tea and the investment in the franchisees available is very high. You get the following benefits of investing in a Chai Sutta Bar franchise:

  1. Limited Investment more returns compared to any Snack Outlet .
  2. Company assistance in marketing and business promotion .
  3. Managed availability of suppliers and vendors for tea and related material.
  4. Brand reputation and trademark assistance .
  5. Best model for any location .

Given the popularity of the franchise on social media, you can generate good returns with less investment in CSB Franchise.

Who is the owner of Chai Sutta Bar and Number of CSB Franchise in India ?

Chai Sutta Bar has a network of more than 200 franchise outlets and all these franchise owners follow the brand reputation, maintain hygiene or business service. Regarding Is Franchisee Me Serving or Service, the company also has some specific rules which the franchise owner has to follow.

Chai Sutta Bar was found in 2016 by Anubhav Dubey whose main objective was to promote such franchise in India or set up a business based on franchise and started this business by looking at the demand of tea.

Now this franchise has spread worldwide, and you will get to see 3+ franchises of this franchise outside India as well.

How much investment is required in Chai Sutta Bar Franchise ?

There are basically 2 models of starting a Chai Sutta Bar – FOFO (Franchised Owned and Franchised Operated) and COCO (Company Owned and Company Operated). In Phle model, any investor can manage its business by himself by applying CSB Franchise or the assistance of the company will be given to follow the norms of the company. Wahi Pay Second Model Me Company setups franchisee by itself for the purpose of higher returns in which there is no investment from any third party.

Talk about Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost Total Company will be free in this it will require investment of Rs 6 to 8 Lakhs and at least Rs 15 to 20 Lakhs for setting up a complete outlet with all the furniture and equipment. Area, skill and staff management training will also be given by the owner of the company. Widespread has been spread, and you will get to see 3+ franchises of this franchise outside India as well.

How much money can be made with Chai Sutta Bar Franchise ?

All the Chai Sutta Bars opened at different locations inspected so far are still running profitable. The ROI of outlets in metro cities or where there is BPO, IT, Telecom companies or office setup has been seen up to 108%. In this, if we talk about daily investment, then by adding snacks, basic supplies (tea, milk, sugar etc.) or tea handling or service accessories, the ROI based on investment of daily becomes very high.

How to apply for Chai Sutta Bar Franchise ?

Chai Sutta Bar franchise cost - Investment and Profitability
Image Source : Unsplash Images

The entire process for applying Chai Sutta Bar Franchise is online, you do not need to visit any office of the company and do not need to make any pre-deposit/booking charges. You can follow this process to apply Chai Sutta Bar Franchise:

  1. Visit Chai Sutta Bar Official website  .
  2. Click on Franchise option ‘Top most corner ‘
  3. Fill the application form and Submit .
  4. On receipt of call , follow the directions and make the payment to the company .
  5. Sign a contract and get assistance on complete setup .
  6. Make investment in furniture and fixtures as guided .

As per the company rules, it takes 45 to 60 working days time period to set up a Chai Sutta Bar Franchise.

Bottom Line 

Chai Sutta Bar is the most economical franchise. Talking about Chai Sutta Bar Total Franchise Cost, your investment in this is minimum Rs 10 Lakhs and along with building a reputation as well as customer trust, the franchisee is worth a lot and will help you earn a good income in the long run. In its alternative, you also take Chaos franchise but comparatively you have to invest less in this franchise.

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