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Captain Tsubasa – Why the Captain Tsubasa series is so famous in Brazil ?

Anime is loved by all of us. The characters used in an anime are mostly loved in the series because people like to draw them , buy their goodies and like dress them up . People choose their characters and admire only those characters which matches their likings and lifestyle . Especially , school going children love anime and look them like their heros. One of the most popular anime in brazil is Captain tsubasa which is one of the most favourite series of people which they love to watch since 2000. While the series is now available on multiple platforms , but most of the people do not know that they can even enjoy playing anime games of captain tsubasa.

In this article , we shall be knowing what is Captain tsubasa series all about , why people in Brazil crazily follow trends of tsubasa and how being from Brazil , you can watch the Captain Tsubasa series online in 2022.

What is their in the Captain Tsubasa Series ?

Captain Tsubasa is an anime series loved by kids and youngsters in Brazil since 90s. The series focusses on a passionate player Tsubasa Oozora who loves to play football and the entire series revolves around how professional players play and what happened their in their elementary school live . The character Tsubasa Oozara as stated in the series ,started playing soccer at an early age and later the passion becomes the mission to achive bigger appreciations in the field of soccer.

To achieve his mission of becoming a profession soccer player , he moved to the city of Nankatsu where his journey to become a professional player begins . The entire anime series moves around making friends , matches , team making , fighting competitions . In the new city , he meets his rivals and a pretty girl Sanae Nakzawa a talented goalkeeper in the series who loves soccer in the same way as Tsubasa .

The anime series Captain Tsubasa takes away to the core journey of Tsubasa to become a representative of the country to present himself as the player of Japan in the FIFA World Cup .

How can one Watch the Captain Tsubasa Series on Netflix or Crunchyroll ?

For lovers of Netflix , their is content available on netflix as per location of the viewer . You can Watch Captain Tsubasa Series on Netflix as it is available in the Country Mexico . If you hold an account of Netflix of Mexico , then you can Watch the Captain Tsubasa series online .

To watch Captain Tsubasa on Netflix, you need a VPN Subscription and select for the Mexico servers . Search for Captain Tsubasa on Netflix and click on play . If it ask for subscription ,you have to pay for the Captain Tsubasa subscription on Netflix .

Like Netflix , Crunchyroll is another streaming platform where you can watch for Captain Tsubasa old and new series . To checkout the series click here . For other countries , you need a VPN Application or Nord VPN you can use for watching the entire series .

Why Captain Tsubasa Series is so famous in Brazil ?

The idea of Captain Tsubasa a fictional creation came from a popular serial Shueisha from the Shonen Jump magazine which was started somewhere between 1981 and 1988. It included somewhere around 37 volume . The Captain Tsubasa series once launched it was sold over for 80 million countries worldwide and became the most famous and best seller manga series .

Thereafter , the series became a production of the Tsudchida Production where it was first aired in Japan . It break records of many popular shows and series on television . Since , then people loved the character Tsubasa Ozoroo .

After watching the series ,it was said for the most influencing series on television to take youth to soccer . The series inspired many to learn friendship , career in soccer and life balance .

How many volumes of Captain Tsubasa you can watch online ?

The entire series of Captain Tsubasa is divided into multiple volumes and chapters. For older series ,the manga creative Captain Tsubasa series can be watched for 52 episodes which is around 30 to 50 minutes long each . The entire list of Captain Tsubasa series is divided in 4 series parts .

Captain Tsubasa Beginning 

  1. The New Soccer Star
  2. A Career Begins
  3. Kick-Off for the Future
  4. The Football is My Best Friend
  5. Where is the Rival?
  6. Blocked Off
  7. The Show Must Go On
  8. A Perfect Duo
  9. The Last Chance
  10. A Long Way to Brazil
  11. The Provocation
  12. No Easy Way
  13. Fast Game in the Mud
  14. Tsubasa is Sieged
  15. An Unfair Enemy
  16. The Verification Test
  17. The Youth National Championship
  18. Fatal Confrontation
  19. The Mighty Shot
  20. Soccer is My Dream
  21. No Victory in Semi Final
  22. The Brothers Tachibana
  23. Ryo Shoots an Own Goal
  24. The Fight for the Final
  25. The Best Keeper of the Tournament
  26. The End of a Career
  27. Encounters in Semi-Final
  28. The Brave Fighters from the North
  29. Hard Confrontations
  30. A Wounded Prince
  31. A Brilliant Fight
  32. Tsubasa in the Trap
  33. I Can’t Play
  34. Tsubasa’s Resurrection
  35. Misugi, Don’t Die
  36. My Heart Still Beats
  37. Mega-shot
  38. A Wise Decision
  39. The Finale
  40. The Shooting Secret
  41. The Duel
  42. Roar, Lion
  43. Nankatsu in Crisis
  44. The Equalizer
  45. The Game without Aces
  46. Against Better Knowledge
  47. Kojiro’s Sign of Winning
  48. Unsuccessful Overhead Kick
  49. The Fight Continues
  50. The Extra Time
  51. What’s the Result of the Extra Time
  52. One New Strategy
  53. Two Are Better Than One
  54. The Duel of the Strikers
  55. Tears Despite Success
  56. Great Departures
  57. The New Rival – Season 2
  58. The Shooting of the Hawk
  59. Nankatsu vs. Otomo
  60. Tsubasa vs. Nitta
  61. A Hard Comparison
  62. The Challenge
  63. Decisions
  64. Race Against Time
  65. The Journey to Europe
  66. The Duel
  67. A King Resigns
  68. The Letter
  69. The National Championship
  70. A Strong Enemy
  71. The Shot From a Distance
  72. The Secret Goal
  73. A Rival Does Not Give Up
  74. Air Acrobats
  75. The Catapult Shot
  76. The Acrobats
  77. A New Trick
  78. The Quarter Final
  79. An Uneventful Match
  80. Tsugito’s Trick Box
  81. A Falcon with Lame Wings
  82. A Special Shot
  83. The Fight Continues
  84. Teamwork
  85. Match Preparations
  86. Help Cry to the Substitutes’ Bench
  87. The Present for the Captain
  88. Top Performance
  89. The Letter from Europe
  90. Who Will Be Chosen
  91. Where Love Falls
  92. The Attack Headlong
  93. Fairness Goes First
  94. The Attack
  95. A Captain as Hero
  96. Bitter Tears
  97. Hyuga’s Challenge
  98. Feverish Ravings
  99. Matchwinner Tsubasa
  100. Surprise in Field
  101. Tsubasa vs. Pierre, a Fair Fight
  102. The Might of the Kaiser
  103. Unexpected Visit
  104. An Impossible Recovery
  105. The Last Fight Begins
  106. The Great Final
  107. Nankatsu is Down
  108. Don’t Give Up
  109. The Tiger Fights Alone
  110. A Desperate Fight
  111. Tsubasa Doesn’t Give Up
  112. Tsubasa is Hurt
  113. Thrill
  114. Keep on Fighting
  115. Dream Goal
  116. On Knife’s Edge
  117. With All Power
  118. It’s Getting Exciting
  119. The Unsuccessful Tiger Shot
  120. Still Tied
  121. To the Last Gasp
  122. Just 10 Minutes Left
  123. All or Nothing
  124. In Last Minute
  125. Shared Victory
  126. Memories
  127. Hoping for Europe
  128. The 17 Best

Shin Captain Tsubasa 

  1. Spread Your Wings, Tsubasa! Towards The World Challenge!
  2. Defeat! A New Start From Zero!
  3. The Rebirth Of The Golden Combination!

Captain Tsubasa J (AKA ) World Youth 

  1. Son of the wind
  2. Roberto’s secret
  3. A great coach
  4. The immposible challenge
  5. Face to face
  6. What a duo !!!
  7. Selection for the championship
  8. Hyuga, the great rival
  9. New talent
  10. Rivalry in the rain
  11. In the last seconds
  12. The comeback
  13. The great rivals
  14. Round of fire
  15. A ball for each friend
  16. Fighting till the end
  17. 15 minutes of happiness
  18. Acrobatic duel
  19. The coache’s speech
  20. Never give up
  21. The new goalkeeper
  22. The challenge has begun
  23. The great Jun Misugi
  24. Tsubasa’s illness
  25. Heart and Mind
  26. It’s important to participate
  27. Details of the challenge
  28. A casual kick
  29. Return of the tiger
  30. The courage to try
  31. Like a son
  32. Don’t finish like this
  33. The bitterness of goodbye
  34. Arriving in Italy
  35. The debut
  36. An important game
  37. Challenge of the numbers
  38. The mystery of Japan
  39. Road to the World Cup
  40. The awaited ending
  41. The twins of goals
  42. Final surprise
  43. Together again
  44. Secret weapon
  45. The real national squad
  46. A promise of victory

Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002. 

  1. Road to Dream
  2. Tsubasa meets Roberto
  3. Taro Misaki is back
  4. Blazing Kojiro
  5. Captain Tsubasa is born
  6. The Boy’s National Soccer Championship Opens!
  7. Ace of Glass
  8. Get Up, Jun Misugi!
  9. Crash! Tsubasa vs. Hyuga
  10. Sizzling Final Match
  11. Goodbye, Roberto
  12. Kickoff for Tomorrow
  13. Fierce Tiger Shot!
  14. Challenge from Jito
  15. Hot Number 10 from a Snow Country
  16. Upsetting Doctor’s Decision
  17. Tournaments Final! Nankatsu vs Toho!
  18. Drive Shot of Vengeance
  19. Come Back! Tsubasa!
  20. Go for it! Japan Junior Youth Team
  21. Humiliating Test Match
  22. Glorious Number 10
  23. Golden Combi Reunites
  24. ‘God of Defense’ of Italy
  25. Genius Juan Diaz
  26. An Elegant Commander
  27. Painful Yellow Card
  28. Respectable Penalty – Tie-Breaker!
  29. Grueling Battle! Japan vs. Germany
  30. A Message from Roberto
  31. Shine in Glory! Japanese Team!
  32. To the New Field
  33. A Soccer Cyborg
  34. Santana, the Son of God
  35. The Shine of Rosario
  36. The New Dream Land
  37. Hyuga’s Challenge for the Future
  38. Golden Age of Hope
  39. Shingo Aoi is Here
  40. The New Japan National Team!
  41. Break the Dutch Wall
  42. Restart to the World
  43. Catalunya’s Eagle
  44. Run To the Opening Match
  45. Harsh Notice
  46. Cross the Bridge of Hope
  47. Hyuga’s Italian Debut
  48. Striker in Tears
  49. Go for 10 Goals, 10 Assists
  50. Battle Against the Rivals
  51. Dream Pitch
  52. Warriors in the Field

How to buy Captain Tsubasa Series online ?

For those who are interested to buy Captain Tsubasa video series can now watch it on online streaming platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll media platforms . While if you want to play the game associated with Captain Tsubasa you can buy as per your console online like for PlayStation players the game can be bought online from the playstation store .

The game is officially sold online on gaming platform Bandai Namco Platform . To buy the game for PC , Nintendo Switch or PS5 or PS4 you can buy from the Bandai Namco Platform Online .

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How to buy Captain Tsubasa Goodies ?

The official tsubasa goodies can be bought online from the official Japanese store online on Tsubasa products. While the official Captain Tsubasa store online ship only in Japan . Other way of buying Captain Tsubasa in any country can be bought from Amazon stores .

So , hope now you know Why the Captain Tsubasa series is so popular in Europe , Japan and Brazil . If you have queries related to this post , then you can share it to us down in the comment section below . 

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