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Buy Online Pick Up in Store – New Way Shopping in US 2022

Gone are those days when you have to wait at a departmental store to choose a particular product and then putting in your basket for later taking it to pay section of the store . This became the most tiring concept of shopping offline . But COVID led to many big changes Worldwide , where in the concept of shopping , e-commerce , drop shipping or e-shopping , influencer selling became the most selling concepts in US. These concepts gradually built the store sales and build the brand of many leading brands in US . But the situation further made it more irritating where , it became to risky for the home buyers and e-commerce buyers , that most of virus spread in the year 2021 , happened due to logistics and delivery of goods on peoples households . So , soon people got fresh ideas to build a market out of this panic situation , out of all an idea became most popular in US . This idea is all about to buy online pick up in store , where you can place order for any good online and you can self pick up that product from the store yourself , taking care of all COVID Restrictions . To know more how this concept works , read this post completely .

Buy Online Pick Up in Store – Overview 

When Convenience and Technology Meet, Pickup Customers Win

The basic concept behind buy online pick up in store is that you can shop online on any platform which facilitates this option and you can also choose your target store where you can pickup that product in US . BOPIS is a facility which has been updated on a larger scale , where number of stores are keeping this facility as a permanent option for the buyer to receive their product .Some retailers online in US  has open the option for pre payment of the product while choosing buy online pick up in store option . But in some big store you would find this option for post payment also , where you can take your product delivery at any retailer store near you .

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The main idea behind opting for this option is that retailers in US are focussing  more on setting up their upfront stores where they can empower a good number of employees taking care of product receipt and delivery effectively and also they can have a good customer support point at different locations . Also , it was opted to improve shopper experiencing in buying quickly from their nearby stores.

How to Implement Buy Online Pick Up in Store in US in your E-Commerce Website ? 

One step advantage being an entrepreneur in US you get by adopting the buy online pick up in store facility is that you get a good amount of traffic on your retailers point as well , where on the online platform also the traffic would get great number of reviews .

Buy Online & Pick up In-Store: How It's Changing Everything

To implement Buy Online Pickup in Store in US , in your e-commerce business is you can first contact to multiple vendors offline to setup your retailer point , where they can have a partnership with your logistic partner to receive your customer orders and where you would be paying some commission to them so that your buyer can get to that store and can take that product conveniently .

Other concept for buy online pick up in store in US you can do is by keeping the delivery of the product with any registered relative of the buyer who has registered on your delivery partnership programme . In this concept , it would be convenient for the buyer to take the product from the relative place . And for each successful delivery you can pay good amount of commission to the handling partner .

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Hope , you liked the above post on buy online pick up in store in US . If you have any queries related to this concept then you can place your feedback comment down in the comment section .

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