Best AI Video Editing Tools for Beginner Youtubers and Instagram Video Creators – Video Edit in 5 Seconds !

AI Video editing tools Online 2024 – Creating a video and then editing it in 2024 could be a tiring task for all those who want to do it manually . But AI (Artificial Intelligence ) has changed it all and now you can use creative AI tools to create , edit or even do SEO of your videos on different video monetization platforms. To do some creative stuff without hiring any video editor or any paid video editor , you need to use AI video editing tools which will make your video look amazing within seconds and that’s for free.

If you are looking for some of the best ai video creation and editing tools online , then in this article we shall be sharing more about some of the popular ai video editing tools to use online in 2024.

AI Video Editing Tools

AI Video editing tools work on AI artificial intelligence where for some tools you need to type the conditions for which you want the edit in the videos and in some tools you need to just submit your video and the system will automatically process the video for changes.

Some ai video editing tools online are available for free while some can be accessed only with paid packages. While AI tools can save your time creating Instagram reels , business or product promos or even youtube video long edits.

Using AI Video Editing Tools

There is hardly any knowledge required to use a AI video editor , while you just need to upload your video to the platform and state for the changes you require in the video or you can also ask AI to create some videos for you a fresh and make changes to it according to your conditions .

In some state if you are using some free tools there are chances that the AI might use some copyright images or even copyright videos in its creation for which you need rights and the AI might also display such rights. With AI tools for video editing you can also create audios for your video . It all started with ChatGPT but created several tools for help.

How to use AI Video Editing Tools Online ?

AI Video editing tool is easy to use , for some tools you just need to sign up for an account and check for the template for creation of the video by AI . While for some editors  and online ai video editors , like background remover, video speed performance changer and other AI based editing tools , they limit for a particular length of the video.

Top AI Video Editing Tools Online 2024

Here are some of the unique ai video editing tools for video editors online to save their time :



>>>> Lexica.Art




Instagram AI Video Editing Tools 

If you are tired of creating reels and videos on Instagram , you can use the following tools to create Instagram videos with AI quickly :

X(Formerly Twitter ) AI Video Editing Tools

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You can use the above Video editing tools using AI to edit your videos. While most of these tools are available for free , while you can also purchase the paid plans to create and edit long duration videos or unlimited videos through these tools.

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