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All About Nest Aware Subscription and What likely you should pay for it ?

There is much confusion about Nest Aware devices and Nest aware Subscriptions in the United States . Most of them do not know that with each cameras or security systems Nest aware applications or the Nest aware systems are not available . Also, for additional security and detection of the unwanted things or the activity in your home or office place you require nest aware subscription to keep a record of all what is going on behind you in your place .

So , to help you get know more about Nest Aware Subscriptions and to relieve you from common queries regarding Nest Aware devices and their cost , we have crafted this article for you.

What are Nest Aware devices ?

Nest Devices are made by Google for bringing simplicity and automation in the life of people . It started with the Google Nest Devices where people could buy Nest devices from the Google Store to perform various home task just on the saying few words like ” OK Google Switch on Lights ” or ” Ok Google Show the CAM at 12:00 am ” . Nest Devices are smart at performing certain actions based on AI and advanced technology . Out all popular devices at Google Nest Store the most used one include the Nest Cam which offer face recognition , object recognition and clear 4k recording of indoor or outdoor spaces in the home .

Nest aware devices can be controlled with voice recognition and information of all these devices especially the Nest cam devices can be stored online with the use of Nest Aware Storage Spaces.

What is Nest Aware Subscription ?

Nest Aware Subscription is a cloud storage plan for Nest CAM Devices which helps to store camera footages recorded with Nest cam for any special movements or special activities happened in a particular area . Without Nest Aware Subscription a user is only able to watch screenshots of any incidental happenings recorded by AI on the Nest CAM . With the Nest Aware Subscription you can store CAM Videos for about 10 to 30 days based on a certain amount of Subscription.

With Nest Aware you are able to capture a particular area or take control of CAM Recording to know some exceptional activities happening in the store or somewhere outside the home . To buy Nest Aware Subscription you have to either pay monthly or annually to the Nest Aware companies .

Does third parties offer Nest Aware Free Subscription in UK ?

No , other than Google Nest Cam Aware services, people of UK or US cannot buy subscription of services of NEST CAM from any third parties . In UK or US or Worldwide Google offer Nest Cam recording through its devices and its subscription through Nest devices retailers .

Can you take Nest Aware Free trial online ?

Google Offers 30 day trial of the Nest CAM Recording or the NEST AWARE Subscription if the person buys any of the Nest CAM Device from Google . After that for extension of the Nest Cam services , it is necessary to pay for the subscription amount . Without subscription , the buyer will only be able to check the screenshots of the movements and that too are stored only for about 10 hrs.

Why it is beneficial to use Nest Aware Subscription ?

Nest Aware is beneficial to use to keep recordings of all happenings in your Store or house field. With a nest aware subscription you can keep up your recordings and access to them with the voice assistant . It offers you to track activity zones , other than tracking the entire road you can select for specific regions to record to minimize the record length .

It can be used to record funny things or life moments also which can’t be capture in your presence. You can take control of those recordings and upload them on social media or other platforms. Google Nest Aware Subscriptions provides face detection facility for effective person tracking .

What can you do with Nest Aware Mobile app ?

Google Nest Aware Mobile application offers a 360 degree view of the regions for recording . With the application , you can view the home or store temperature in real time , can hear the sounds or check the movements in the garden spaces, if it does not detects anything in multiple nest cams then it shows for ‘OK ‘ in application or detects unusual activities with the AI , you can track whether all doors and windows are closed or open in the house.

How much do Nest Aware Subscription cost you ?

Nest Aware is not must costlier when compared for the security of your place . It offers a subscription of about 5 to 10 dollar a month for event based recording or some movement detection recording by sensors . For video history special plans about 30 to 50 USD a month can be bought .

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How to buy Nest Aware Devices ?

Nest Aware can only be bought at your near stores as provided by the official portal of Google Nest Platform . You can look for the Nest CAM Devices near you from the Google Store online . You can book a device from the retail store near you or you can also place for support on Google .

Nest aware subscription is crucial and cannot be compromised with the security of the home . You should definitely look for Nest CAM Subscriptions which is also now available in US , UK and India. If you need more assistance regarding Nest CAM Subscription , then you can ask us down in the comment section . 

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