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5 Genuine Money Making Methods from Mobile Online – Low Investment with Earning $1000 per month Easily

For students and youngsters in India , the gap in Job time or during lectures or after job is a crucial time to earn some money online or to either spend it for entertainment .It’s up to the choice of yours that you want to spend your time for entertainment or for earning some money to chase your dreams than doing hard-work in physical World . In this internet World , you need to be smart and be proficient in technology to earn money online . There are multiple avenues where you can provide your services online to make money or can even work in a digital startup as a freelancer but all they require some additional time to be devoted to their work .

In this article ,we will get to know some of the easiest ways to make money online where with your knowledge only you can start making money but you have to either spend some money today or have to give some patience to establish a digital business . So , we will not share only platforms but a roadmap to make your digital business which will surely give your passive income .

Online Earning Money Time and Duration 

For earning money online , one of the most trusted ways include blogging and video content creation . It takes around 1 to 2 months in consistency to create and distribute content as all these work on certain community or a group of audience which will connect to your content and you will be able to make money through ads and by selling products online . Online there are vast opportunities but you have to either go step by step to become one man army handling content , marketing , technical and all by self or have to hire people at low cost giving some initial investment .

So ,it can be said that whether it is about video content creation , e-commerce selling , blogging or even marketing gigs you need to wait atleast 2 to 3 months . Also , in this journey you must follow 1 or 2 coaches on YouTube as digital earning coaches like Technical Yogi or Manoj Dey or MySmart Support which provides only genuine information for making money online.

Do not get into advice of multiple coaches or trainers as it will surely become a reason of your failure .

Skills for Earning Online 

To make money online from mobile , you need to first learn English and how to use internet properly . If you have proper knowledge of English and Internet , then you can do anything and can make any amount between $1000 to $50000 per month .

Some other skills that you must learn while working from home is :

  1. Content Writing
  2. Designing from different mobile applications .
  3. Accessing multiple platforms .
  4. Editing videos
  5. Using marketplaces online
  6. Creating value addition for startups

All these skills are learnt by working as a freelancer or as an intern with multiple networks. To build your business , in 2 to 3 months , you will very crucially required good command over English for writing content for any video , blog or for any client online . So , you must improve your English even if it takes around 30 days to improve it .

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Road map to Start Earning $1000 per Month from Mobile 

To start making 1000$ business from home without much investment then you have the following options to do :

  1. Start a blog : You should start a blog with WordPress and not with Blogger buying domain and hosting from WordPress at the cost of around 30$. Once created , you can make money from Google Adsense , Infolinks , Media.net , Google Ads Manager, Ezoic etc .
  2. Start a YouTube Channel : Buy premium version of Ubersuggest and find high search volume topics for videos for your Youtube channel . Do not go by what others are creating in India , you must follow content needs of US/UK / CANADA / Australia to make genuine money .
  3. Start Facebook Page : Before creating a facebook page go for creating a facebook group as it will create an audience for your business either for YouTube or for your blog . You can create a Facebook Page start publish videos on it like YouTube . Once you reaches the Facebook Instream Ads criteria, you will start making money . And for every view you are easily able to make money from the platform in a week .
  4. Sell Shoes on Instagram : Do not worry ,you do not require NIKE nor addidas to sell on Instagram , even if you buy Wholesale shoes from Delhi , you can sell them on Instagram and they are high in demand as people on Instagram not only buy exclusive shoes but also low price shows .

With above methods , you can make money in absolutely 2 months if you work in consistency and devotions towards your niche and content . Sometimes , it might take upto 3 months but it will work for sure . Also , for blogging you need traffic to be able to earn money for which you can use multiple traffic options like Facebook , Instagram etc .

Risky Options to Earn Money Online 

There are some risky and invest-able options as well to make money online. While they are risky in the sense ,you require some investment amount to start them but you can also loose your money in some cases if you work without knowledge. One of the risky earning option is Share market and Crypto Trading where you require minimum 10k investment to start with for buying options and futures .

You can start with option trading of Nifty 50 or BankNifty trading online for which you need minimum investment of Rs 10000 and you can trade for 1 lot to learn and with 2 lots daily to earn money . If you get to learn a trading setup on share market , you can use same tactic to earn on binance and multiple trading platforms .

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Offline Business or Mobile Earning 

As a student , you cannot ignore avenues of making passive income online as it will help you learn more about your future earning and skills . You will be to explore yourself more and will be able to make money easily , if you get unsuccessful in life living somewhere else. While businesses are getting online , learning e-ways of doing business is an essential thing and you must explore different options by which you can make money online .

While blogging and Youtube Content creation are one of the easiest ways by which you can make money on your Smartphone . While you must focus on content which engages foreign audience , you will certainly earn more money.


Can I earn money online if I am uneducated ?

Yes,if you know any regional language ,you can make money online . But ,it is advisable to learn English to understand most of the earning basics online .

How to get motivation to earn money online ?

You need to follow some coaches online , but not more than 2 or 3 to start your content creation business online . You will get motivation from them .

What minimum investment should I do to start my business online instantly ?

For any business you require minimum investment of 30$ to 100$ online .

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